Not doing enough.

You still treat your list building efforts like a hobby instead of something that you make you sales in the long run.

This is a problem and to paint the picture I’ll give you a gym example I had the pleasure of seeing this morning.

Today I watched a guy squat 225lbs 10 times.

Then left.

Not leave to do something else but left the gym.

The problem?

He could have easily did more weight, more reps, more leg work.

Put another way its like me asking you to do 10 pushups when you can do 50 or more. The 10 pushups won’t even be a challenge for you – and the same thing goes for business.

Do something that is going to challenge you to grow.

One of my mentors said what took it from earning $5k a month in sales to over $10k a month – was the fact that he was spending an uncomfortable amount of money to grow is email list and business.

So when building your email list – start doing things that make you uncomfortable – because who knows it may be all you need to see explosive results.

I talk about this a lot inside of Email Villains which you can get your hands on by clicking the link below;

Isaiah Jackson