There comes a time in your business and life in general where things just don’t go the way you want them too.

This has recently happened to me which is why you are reading this blog post right now. And let me tell you how you deal with things going wrong will tell you a lot about yourself.

So what are the two things that you will do when things go wrong:

Complain about it…

I’ve seen this happen a whole lot not online in our community but also in everyday life with people. The first thing most people will do is complain about what went wrong, talk about why it doesn’t work, or why its a bad thing overall.

So say you have a YouTube account with 500 subscribers and 250 videos, then all of a sudden YouTube decides to terminate your YouTube account for no reason. What the average individual will do is go to Twitter or Facebook or even their blog post and begin to complain about why YouTube sucks, why you should stay away from YouTube at all costs.

This has been happening to people on Instagram as well, some people are having their accounts terminated for no clear cut reason to them at all. What they would then do is go to Facebook and Twitter and other networks and talk about why Instagram sucks…

However there is a much better approach to dealing with things…

Let go…

Instead of complaining about why something went wrong or why it doesn’t work for you try this. Accepting the fact that it went wrong and move on, just let it go.

At the stage that something did go wrong accept the fact that it did, you can do nothing about it so what better way to deal with it then just to move on to something different.

So lets go with the above example of YouTube with the 500 subscribers and 250 videos. It gets terminated, which is a bad thing but instead of complaining about you can look on the bright side of things.

Out of those 500 subscribers you have on YouTube lets say about 300 of them are on your email list, and out of 250 videos only 200 of them are being hosted on Amazon s3. So although YouTube terminated your account you can still provide value to the folks who were interested enough in your videos to join your email list.

Say you got your Google Adwords account banned, instead of complaining about it, think of other ways to send traffic to your websites, videos, and products…

Whether its a good thing or a bad thing. Its a lot easier and a better way to use your time to just identify what went wrong and to just let it go.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

-Isaiah Jackson.