I have already talked about THAT before…

So why in the world am I writing this blog post right now.

Well I got two reasons for that.

1. I actually like blogging

2. I can’t stress this enough

In order for you to move on with THIS you have to focus on THAT.

Its the same concept as quantity versus quality.

Its something I can’t stress enough right now, and to really drive this home to you. Allow me to come up with a real life example.

Would you rather get 50 text messages from 50 strangers at 50 different times in one day….?


Would you rather get 1 phone call from 1 person (you know) once a day….?

My guess, if you have any sense at all would be you would settle for option B.

In fact I would settle for Option B over one text message from one person I know.


There really isn’t any value in a text message.

By that I mean, you really don’t have to think to send it, go to messages, select contact, type message.

But with a phone call it takes a little bit more than that.

Phone or Contact List, select contact, press call button, prepare to have a conversation you decided to call…..

I mean from a marketing stand point, I’m sure I can teach you something via text message but would that really help you at all?

Now get on the phone with me, we can have an actual conversation about how to grow you as a person and your business.

So I’m sure you should know why quality is important by now.

I don’t have to illustrate that anymore right?

“No, you don’t” – You

Now here is something that you probably didn’t think of.

Combining the two

And without further ado… I give you the man who will explain this too you…

Eric Thomas also known as ET

Listen to what he says, he drops a lot of knowledge and inspiration.