Many many moons ago.

I was chatting with a subscriber about marketing. You know list building, email marketing, traffic generating and what not. You know, the basic stuff.

Then something dumb happened.

They proceeded to tell me that they know a heck of whole lot about marketing but wanted to know how to actually promote the things they create or want to sell.

Face palm.

Its a perfect example of knowledge is not power. But applied knowledge is power. And when applied consistently will bring you more power.

Make sense?

The reason the subscriber was still strugglin’ was because he wasn’t doing anything with the information. He knew what to do, but just didn’t do it for whatever reason.

Its the difference between.

The person who wants email marketing niche related stuff and another person who wants general make money using the internet kind of stuff.

One takes what they do seriously.

While the other just thinks it would be cool to make money online and rarely does anything to do it.


I’m hosting a free webinar on Friday on how to get started with building your email list. Its the first of a series of 6 webinars that will one day be sold for at least $497.

But you can attend the webinar by using the link below:

Anyways, here’s what you’ll discover on the first free training webinar (yes, it’s free and the only pitch is for if you want the entire course when its done inside of the Email Masters Club – which it will be free for members)

The 5-Year Time Machine

That will not only get you crystal clear on what it is you want to accomplish with email marketing, but potentially make you cry when you start putting it into place

The 10-Minute Workday

Most of what I can do, can literally be done in 10 minutes and I’ll reveal the secrets during the live webinar

The Pick 5 System

I share with you the only 5 sales funnels you need to run a profitable email marketing business, the correct way to use them, and how to set them up

The Best Niche

A question I get asked about a lot – what is the best niche to get started in. I answer this question and show you where to find high converting products to promote (and its not on ClickBank)

The Freemium

I will show you how to create a Freemium so valuable that your subscribers would want to pay you for it. Its that powerful

And of course

I will answer any questions that come my way as well – no matter how small or how big.

A lot to cover on the webinar on Friday.

Can you blame me?

Since I plan on selling it for over $497 – I need to deliver the goods and leave no stone unturned.

Register for the webinar below:

Isaiah Jackson