Change Is Awesome

Only when it doesn’t deal with the weather lol

No seriously how many times have you got sick during Spring or Summer seasons? But felt fine when it was Winter, makes no sense I tell you.

Anyways back to something that is a little bit more interesting.

How many times have you heard that change is good for you?


Don’t be afraid to change?

I can’t tell you how many times I have NOT heard that.

Crazy huh?

How is it that I am 21 years old going on 22, and haven’t heard from one single person in my life say this:

“Isaiah, change is good for you”

or maybe something like

“Isaiah, be the change you wish to see in the world”

So I have a reason to write this post today. If you haven’t heard anyone say that to you, I’ll say it to you now.

“[Insert Your Name Here], be the change you wish to see in the world”

Okay, back to why change is awesome.

Change can get you through tolls. Yeah, I went there. I mean you wouldn’t use like a $20 bill to get through a toll would you?

Another reason why change is awesome, you can pay the exact amount for anything.

Buy a sandwich, it costs $6.17, you pay exactly $6.17

Best reason, it allows you to do things differently with your life. You take control of your life, you see your life for what it is, and if you don’t like something well you know ‘change’ it.

So for example I want to change my “look”

How do I do that? Well I’ll buy new clothes.

Here is where the change takes place.

Option A: Buy new clothes and put them in closet full of other clothes that I don’t know exist.

Option B: Donate old clothes that I forgot exist to make room for new clothes

Option C: Give old clothes to someone less fortunate than me, don’t have to explain what I mean by that.

I’ve done both A and B but never done C, so that is the change.

Change is awesome because not only can it change the way you look at things but it can change the way others do as well.

In other words

“[Insert Your Name Here] don’t be afraid to change”