I shared this with someone earlier this morning, but decided that it was just too good not to share with anyone else.

So what did the two internet millionaires tell me?

Well if you keep reading this post you will quickly find out.

Back story this is something that occurred in a dream that I had last night. I’m beginning to see a pattern here, most of my dreams are actually guiding me and helping me to determine what I should do next.

Basically what happened in the dream was these two internet millionaires decided to put on somewhat of a talk show, where people will send in questions and they would answer (sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?)

So I’m basically watching this talk show and someone sends in a screenshot of a text message. I’m assuming the person who sent it was having a conversation with the person about something. In the text message Person A was asking Person B for help with something, and Person B responded with “I’ll see what I can do”

These two internet millionaires were able to dissect the message for what it really was saying, and here what they had to say.

Millionaire 1: It seems like Person A is alert and aware of what is going on in their life, and is seeking help from Person B

Millionaire 2: Yeah, that seems to be the case but it seems as if it was hard for Person A to ask for the help.

Millionaire 1: Probably because Person A doesn’t like asking for help. None the less at least he/she is aware of what is going on in their life. Person A needs to continue to become aware and alert of the things happening both in their life, and with how they think.

Millionaire 2: Now Person B, it seems he/she has been aware of what is going on in their life for quite some time, but I see a problem.

Millionaire 1: Really? What would that problem be?

Millionaire 2: Its obvious that Person B is doing stuff, the problem isn’t the fact that he/she is doing stuff its with the speed at which the results of doing that stuff is delivered.

Millionaire 1: Oh okay, that makes sense. You are saying that Person B isn’t getting the results he/she wants as fast as they may want too.

Millionaire 2: Thats exactly what I’m saying.

Millionaire 1: Do you have any advice for Person B?

Millionaire 2: Become more aggressive with what you are doing. It seems like you know what to do and how to do it, the problem is you are holding yourself back, by not going all the way, do as much as you can right now and do it so much that people have no choice but to pay attention, because of how quickly you are moving. Then your results will take off like a rocket

Millionaire 1: So those are the two steps for Person A and Person B.

  • Step 1 – Be alert and aware of your thoughts, what is happening in your life
  • Step 2 – Be aggressive in your action taking to change those thoughts and what is happening in your life

Then I woke up from the dream.

So that leaves me with two questions for you.

Are you aware of the thoughts that are dominating your mind?
Are you taking aggressive action toward changing your thoughts and life

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