The date is April 1, 2016.

I tally up the total amount of revenue generated.


The best part?

You took the journey with me.

Because that’s exactly what I am going to be sharing with you starting March 1, 2016.

Side Note: Making $1,000 a month online is really nothing new to me.

I've done it before my only regret is that I didn't document the process before.

It would have been much more interesting to document the process when I was first getting started and share the process with you from a  newbie stand point.

Here is a brief overview on how the challenge will work.


To make things a little bit easier I will put this fancy overview here

Part 1: Challenge Overview

Part 2: First week (how I am setting up everything)

Part 3: Second week (lets start making things happen)

Part 4: Third week (Improve what works and lose what doesn’t)

Part 5: Final Week (The results of the challenge)

Part 1: Challenge Overview
(before it begins…)

I shot a video to tell you about the challenge.

I sent a survey out to my email list asking them which would they prefer…

  • YouTube videos
  • Blog Posts
  • Live Google Hangouts

The option that won was Youtube Videos.

So with that said I will be creating 4-8 YouTube videos but updating this post as well.

Thats all I have to share with you for now until the first official update on 1 March 2016.

Part 2: First Week
(how I am setting up everything)

Things For You To Do

Part 4: The Results

A lot of people have been asking me and emailing me about this.

So the grand total (revenue) from just this challenge came out to be $1,220

I spent $450 in traffic.

Which brings me down to $770 in profit.

I basically got paid to build my email list.

Things I’ve learned from this (stuff I already knew of course)

  • Commissions came in pretty slow but when they came it was amazing.
  • I know what my list likes and doesn't like
  • I know what order to promote my products in lol
  • People are impatient (subscribers couldn't wait for some things)

I made ten $85 CPA sales promoting a product that you have to prove yourself to be able to make sales.

*Note: I probably shouldn’t have done this for the experiment lol.

However I also learned what my list will and will NOT respond too.

In the video I say that I made $186 from product sales but thats not entirely true.

I have my Inner Circle members who joined during the challenge last month (from the traffic I bought).

They haven’t been included simply because they haven’t been billed yet.

You see during the challenge becoming a member of the Inner Circle was Free for 30 Days then only $10 a month after that.

I had a handful of people sign up for that through my follow up sequence inside of Aweber so they haven’t been counted just yet.

But for the most part I would consider this challenge a success.

Hell even without the affiliate promotions I did, I would still consider it a success.


Because I managed to make back at least 40% of my income back from my product sales in the first 14 days.

Again that isn’t including my VIP Club members.

Going forward, I’m going to be tweaking my Follow up sequence, editing my sales funnel (this is going to be interesting), and increasing the price on my VIP Club.

So if you are reading this, click here now to join the VIP Club

I got some work to do on my sales funnel now :-)

Isaiah Jackson