Lookie right here.

I was on the WhinersForum (more on that tomorrow) and this guy was complaining about how it would cost him too much to have an email autoresponder.

He has 1200 subscribers.

Any decent autoresponder at that level could easily cost you anywhere from $29 – $49 a month and that is not expensive.

Not at all.

In fact if you know what you are doing in regards to email marketing, meaning sending the kind of emails that your subscribers want to see from you – then you can easily make more than $50 a month from that 1200 person email list.

Just sayin’

If you can’t afford about 50 bucks per month – then you really have nothing to worry about because most email autoresponders offer a free trial.

The key thing is though…

You actually got to use the autoresponder in order to make any kind of money from the list you could build for yourself.


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Isaiah Jackson