This One Tweak Will Increase Your Profits Almost Instantly

Are you building your email list but for some reason you are having a hard time getting the clicks that you want, thus causing you to NOT make the money you want?

Well here is a simple fix to that problem.

Mind you this is something that you can start using RIGHT NOW!

Here is the ONE TWEAK:

Stop using links in your emails…..

Okay now before you lose your mind (I know I would after seeing this)

Here is what I mean, yeah I had to make a video right lol

Hopefully making a video made it easy to understand :)

Oh and here is the free email swipe that you could use

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Like I said in the video I don’t mind sharing with you.

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson is known as the most sought after email marketing expert in the Internet Marketing & Online Business Community. He is famous for creating wildly profitable email promotions that result in not only making a ton of money but also builds trust and good will with his email subscribers.


  • Isaiah Jackson

    January 5, 2014

    Feel free to leave a comment below. Tell me what you would like to see or read about next.

    Isaiah Jackson

  • Char

    January 5, 2014

    Great information! I didn’t realize what a difference using hyper links instead of putting my website link directly in the email. I will definitely start using hyper links today!

    • Isaiah Jackson

      January 5, 2014

      Yeah, even though its something small.
      It matters a whole lot.

      Plus telling someone to ‘click here for instant access’
      is basically telling them what to do.

      Definitely something worth doing :)

      Thanks for leaving a comment I appreciate.

      Don’t forget to Click here to download the free email template

      Isaiah Jackson