Imagine this.

You just got started with building your online business.

You are really excited to start making sales.

You go out and get some traffic.

Make some sales…

Then nothing.

You have to start driving traffic all over again.

Sounds familiar?

Here’s a better approach;

Start building your email list from day zero.


Well it all starts with having a really high converting email capture page.

And that is exactly what we will cover today.

NOTE: I recently made a video talking all about this - click here to go watch the free training video

Mistakes When Getting Started Online

There are two types of people who get started with online marketing…

The first type – are those that hop online and immediately start driving traffic to a sales page.

The reason this is a HUGE mistake is because it creates ZERO LEVERAGE.

Meaning this person will always have to drive traffic to the offer to make money.

Now unless you are swimming in spare cash – then you can do this all you want – but what happens if the offer gets taken down?

Or you lose your traffic source?

Then what?

Enter Person II.

This person decides to start building an email list from Day Zero.

Because of this – all this person focuses on is building that email list.

After a few months this person has an email list of about 3,000 subscribers – he now controls the traffic.

When the offer gets taken down?

He sends an email out to his list providing them with a different product.

When he loses his traffic source?

He leverages his email list to continue to sending traffic to other offers while looking for other soruces to continue to build his list.

See how that works?

Still need convincing?

Here’s a video on 4 reasons why you should build your email list;

Now to keep moving forward…


This isn’t really a step but more like a requirement.


The one I currently use is Aweber

If you still need help deciding here’s a video I made that should help you out:

Once you have an email autoresponder we can now move onto step 1.


This goes without saying…

Have something of value to give away to get people on your email list.

Important that this something brings your website visitors closer to solving the problem that they are having.

For example;

I currently offer a free list building report sharing with website visitors how to get 1,000 email subscribers in 30 days or less.

The problem; You don’t have an email list.

The solution; The list building report.

Make sense?

Good now to the landing page.


I believe that most landing pages should be kept simple.

Nothing too complicated – just a headline and opt-in form.

That’s it.

Here’s what my current email capture page looks like:

Yes, that is the entire page.

You can even view it over here:

As you can see its a headline and a CTA button that when clicked on loads the opt-in form.

Simple page.

Simple design.

It works.

Simple works.


Building your own email capture page.

I built the page from scratch.

Well not really.

But I use OptimizePress to build my pages - hell most of my site (as in all of them) are using the OptimizePress theme

OptimizePress will run you $97 - and in my opinion is worth it for everything else you can do with it.

If you would like a copy of my squeeze page template;

Click here to watch this free training video on how to turn website visitors into subscribers

To building a huge list,

Isaiah Jackson