You know its always nice to hear about someone getting results online.

Except when they shouldn’t be getting results.

Here’s the skinny;

Guy starts his own digital marketing agency and turns to a local business to tell them their flaws and offers to help them.

On paper I would say that is great.

But its not.

The guy doesn’t know a lick about digital marketing.

Running a solo shop.

Probably needed the money quickly and now that he has to deliver – he has no clue what to do next.

He’ll most likely be fired sooner than later.

Can’t be helped.

I say its much better to approach a business with something that you actually know a lot about.

And you want know what every business needs?

Prospects and sales.

The fastest and most reliable way for them to do that is with building an email list and mailing daily (as a person instead of a company) which could drastically boost sales for them.


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Isaiah Jackson