How To Get Traffic To Your Website (Plus The ONE Page You Need To Send All Traffic Too)


Website built? Awesome.

You want to start sending traffic to it? Awesome.

You don’t know where to send the traffic… (not awesome)

So you ask yourself:

“Where do I send the traffic?

So you do a Google search and come across this blog post.

Where I will show you the easiest way to send traffic to your site, but before we start sending traffic you need to have an answer to the above question.

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Where Do I Send The Traffic?

In order for you to find out where you want to send the traffic you first must have a goal in mind…

What is your number one goal?

Get a new subscriber on your email list?

Get a new customer?

Share some of your content?

What is the most important goal for your website?

Your answer should always be:

Get a new subscriber on your email list.

The One Page You MUST HAVE

Lead Capture Page (squeeze page or landing page)

The purpose of this page is to capture someone’s name and/or email address.

To build your email list so you have an audience you can always send your content too.

Regardless of what the content is… it can be a YouTube video you created, a blog post, a free guide on how to do something.

How Do I Get Traffic To My Landing Page?

The fastest and easiest way to get traffic to this landing page would be through email advertising.

Which are also known as “solo ads” in Internet Marketing.

Email Advertising: Its an email going out to someone else’s list that has a link to your landing page.

Endorsed traffic at its finest.

And since its coming from someone else’s list with a well written email swipe, you could get at least 40% of the people who click on that link in that email to subscribe to your email list.

[yellowbox]EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Click here to watch this free video on how to easily get traffic to your website[/yellowbox]

To getting more traffic to your website,

Isaiah Jackson

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson is known as the most sought after email marketing expert in the Internet Marketing & Online Business Community. He is famous for creating wildly profitable email promotions that result in not only making a ton of money but also builds trust and good will with his email subscribers.

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