Hey, its Isaiah Jackson –

Below I am going to present the case against swiping email copy…

I have seen a ton of marketers do this veterans in the industry as well swipe the emails for their affiliate promotions along with other things as well.

It should also be stated that when I say “swiping email copy” I mean copy/paste an entire email inside of their autoresponder account change some links around and hit the send button.

Below are just a few problems I have with using email copy from some affiliate page word for word

Failure To Include Your Personality In Emails

Pretty important if you want to build a relationship with your list.

You want your email subscribers to know, like and trust you. Now they can’t do that if you aren’t writing in your own words.

Fix: Start including what you did during the day in your emails (inject your personality)

Come Across As Another Greedy Marketer

Granted you are in the business to make money. I can agree with you on that one, however wouldn’t it be much much easier if you can do that while providing value to others as well.

Fix: Within your affiliate promotions, tell your subscribers how it would benefit them if they got the product

Your List Becomes UNRESPONSIVE

Basically here is how this will happen (a lot faster than normal) because you are sending out these pre-made emails every single day, with a different product each day (or week if you do it right) your list of subscriber will slowly but surely stop opening your emails.

Even worse they will start marking your emails as spam and that is the last thing you want.

Fix: Be you. Tell stories, make them mad, make them happy, make them buy because they trust you and your recommendation.


I once sent two emails out to my list, asking them a question. Clearly I didn’t swipe anyone elses email there did I…

Anyways what ended up happening as a result of sending those two emails was an extra $152.25 in less than 8 hours.

The interesting part is the email didn’t even include an affiliate link in fact in contained a link to a blog post (which didn’t have any affiliate links either)

-Isaiah Jackson