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And while I was teaching a webinar last night it occurred to me that most “newbies” who are just getting started with building a profitable online business have no clue what to promote to their audience (or lack of..)

So today I’m going to give you my best advice on choosing what to promote.

Stop searching for products to promote and pay attention to what you already are using.

For example if you are using an autoresponder company like Aweber then you know its important to build a list so start promoting that (assuming you use it)

Same goes for things like Hosting.

Everyone needs a hosting account if they want to build a website, so promote the hosting company you are using.

Speaking of building a website.. you can also promote what you are using to build out your own website (either a theme or a plug and play kind of deal like ClickFunnels)

No need to make this any harder than what it needs to be.

The only question is how?

Lucky for you inside of the Profit Mastery Club.. I share with you exactly how you can go about promoting anything you want in the latest course which you can ONLY get your hands on inside of the Profit Mastery Club.

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