Now I really don’t know if the title of this post came from a movie, someone famous, or anyone at all. But I do know where it came from for me. A dream.

Yeah thats right it came from a dream. Can you say Inception lol

Anyways, I guess I’ll talk about the dream here then. I got nothing else to talk about so why not.

I was playing basketball, and a famous LA Laker also the guy who made the #KobeSystem (watch the video its funny) was teaching guys how to dunk a basketball.

Interesting enough, the problem was that I already knew how to dunk as basketball and have been able to do so for about 8 or 9 years. So I’m thinking there isn’t much Kobe could teach me right.

Apparently he wasn’t showing me how to dunk a basketball at all, but showing me something more. Standing in front of a 9-foot rim, he took one step, leaped, dunked the basketball.

I thought to myself okay cool, I can do that.

I took one step, leaped, dunked the basketball.

This continue for about 4 or 5 rounds of us doing the same thing, until he decided to do something different. Move to a different rim.

The move was the same the only thing that was different was the rim location. Kobe takes one step, leaps, dunks. I take one step, leaps, dunks….. MISSED!

Now, I’m asking myself how the hell did I just miss that. I’ve just done it a few minutes ago what changed what was different. Kobe tells me the location is different. (thanks for stating the obvious Mr. Kobe)

He said you got comfortable with doing well in just that one location, you felt like you knew how high to jump, confident that you would absolutely make the dunk which is good but the problem is that you thought that of that one location. Because of that you failed to realize that the rim you just dunked on and missed was 10 feet instead of 9.

My response, damn that was pretty deep Kobe. So how would I go about fixing it?

Try again but this time we moved to a different location with a much higher and I mean much higher rim. 10 feet became 12 feet, and both Kobe and I looked up at this rim and he asked me if I could see the difference. I told him yes, I can its obvious. He said practice on this one.

Which to me made no sense if I was to dunk on a 10 why wouldn’t I practice on the 10?

(Wow I feel really stupid in this dream, because I already know the answer to that question. But for some reason in the dream I didn’t)

If I could dunk on 12 then I know for a fact that I can dunk on 10. So the practice begun, the difference here was we wasn’t taking one step anymore, but we was taking two. When Kobe first dunked on the 12, I asked him why did he take two steps?

His response was: “One more step is all it takes”

Then I woke up thinking to myself “one more step is all it takes… where do I take that step… when do I take that step….”