If you read the blog post I did yesterday talking about why you will never lose 

then you will know where the title of this blog post came from. Well the title at least and if you want to know now well this is where it came from

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RzDTfCyyuo]

Now on to having something to fight for…

Do you have something to fight for?

I don’t ask that question to tell you to have something but if you have something to fight for it may push you to do things that you never want to do.

In fact it will push you to do things that you don’t want to do.


Because it is going to make you feel uncomfortable.

So will you do it?

That is the question you must answer.

Is the temporary feeling of being uncomfortable going to make you do that thing that you are fighting for?

I don’t have to know your answer to the question.

But you have to know your answer to the question.

Think of it like this.

Is the thing you are fighting for, worth making you feel uncomfortable?

I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I was uncomfortable with doing.

And you want to know something, I still did them.

Because what I wanted was bigger than the temporary uncomfortable feeling I was going to experience.

Comfort Station

The quickest and most interesting way to success would be to make a 180 degree turn from the Comfort Station. How can you become the next best version of yourself by doing things you already know how to do?

Is it even possible to grow from that?

Start doing what makes you feel uncomfortable.

Do this real quick:

Cross your arms right now.

Notice which arm is on top of the other

Now reverse it

Hold that feeling for about 30 seconds

An example from me since I just did this

Cross my arms

Left arm is on top of my right arm

Put my right arm on top of my left arm

Hold that feeling for about 30 seconds

How can something so small make me feel so uncomfortable?

The reason is because I have something worth fighting for, thats worth the pain and struggle that I may go through. Its going to get me to where I truly want to be.

So tell me why do you have something worth fighting for?

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