So for the past two days I’ve been watching these YouTube videos on “Fat Acceptance” I’m telling you this so that you know where this email is going to be coming from.


Poor Acceptance.

The belief that some people would have to make others accept the fact that they are “poor”

Tell me… would you be okay with being poor?

Just like with this F.A. bullshit… the folks who truly belief that it is okay to be obese… would you be okay with being poor?

I know for damn fact that I wouldn’t.

Being “poor” has its benefits though…

Like lighting a fire under your ass to get up and go make something of yourself

But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Thats like these welfare junkies who take advantage of ‘The System’ so they don’t have to work like ever.

Fuck outta here…

And excuse the language but as you can tell this gets me fired up… its pathetic.

Pathetic to know that there are people out there who realize the crappy shituation they are stuck in and won’t do anything about it.

Not can’t but WON’T.

Look you are getting this email because you are sick and tired of the crap you have to put up with.

Know there is a better way.

Know that you want to do something about it.

And since this email went out to my ENTIRE list (I know most of them are on the right track)

So now the question is…

What’s stopping you from doing what you know needs to be done?

How long with you wait?

Like some of the F.A. losers waiting too long can end up with them being buried early (due to health complications that they will most likely face)

But for you waiting too long can result in your living your life in this “what-if”

What if you took action?

What if I just decided to do it?

What if I stopped making excuses?

What if I just took control?

Stop saying what if…

Stop waiting…

Take action.

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. Since I didn’t have anything to sell in this email I have to have a link to something.

Take action today by becoming a member of my Profit Mastery Club:

P.P.S. And for my current PMC members I hoped this lit a fire under your a$$ now its to go make some of the green stuff… mooolah