Hey, its Isaiah Jackson –

I just wanted to email you today, to tell you
about some things that will most likely occur
to you this new year…


You see it seems that a lot of people in my
immediate surroundings have decided to do
this thing called a New Years Resolution…

– I want to stop drinking
– I want to lose weight
– I want to make more money
– I want to quit my job
– I want to get married
– I want be happy

Etc, etc..

Now these are all fine and dandy but my
problem with all of them is that the people
making them decided to start today (New Years Day)

Meaning they waited the other 365 days before
to decide to make a change in their lives which
is a problem….

Don’t you think?

If you want to something, why will you wait
to get it?

If you can make the change now, why don’t

Now this isn’t a personal attack on you. No,
not at all. But I say that to prove a point.

What will happen when things get hard for
those people?

Will they stand strong and stick to it?


Will they fall down, never to try again?

Hopefully the first option.

I call this year “Take Control Of My Life”

For the next 364 days of this year, I am and
would want you to take control of your life
and circumstances.

No more waiting for the right time…

The time is now to make a difference in
your life, so go out and do it.

Failure is not an option.

Take no shit from no one.

Its your life you live it the way you want.

Take control of what is truly yours.

Turn your resolution into a life long goal
and make everyday a day where you get
closer to achieving that goal.

Why your resolution and not some other


Because your resolution is going to make
the BIGGEST impact on your life and when
it does your life will never be the same.

Take control of your life.

Happy New Years to you and your family.

May this year, be the year where you achieve
everything you put your mind too.

Talk soon,
– Isaiah Jackson.

PS. I’m told that I have to include a link inside
of every email I send. Hey, I didn’t make the rules
the goo-roos did lol so here I will include a link
to my product Breakthrough Commissions


Which I will tell you more about why I most
likely won’t release another product in a future