“Its because the amount of money you have means nothing, if you aren’t delivering something of value to some ones life.”


By: Isaiah Jackson

…if you are rich or poor.

I had a dream that I was having a conversation with someone much older than me, I’m talking like around the age of 60 or 70, his name was Isaiah Jackson.

Yeah, an older version of myself was dropping wisdom and knowledge on the younger me.

He was sitting down inside of either a Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks I don’t really remember but I remember sitting he was sitting in a booth.

I just finished making an order, and was walking to a different booth to sit down at, and for some reason when I got near his booth I asked him:

May I join you sir?

His voice sounds powerful, yet calm at the same time. He tells me to sit down.

He starts the conversation which will be kind of confusing for me to type out so I’ll label it Me and Stranger for now.

Stranger: How you doing today kid?

Me: I’m doing fine what about you?

Stranger: I’ve been doing pretty pretty good for myself.

Me: Thats good to hear sir.

Stranger: Kid, what is your name?

Me: Isaiah

Stranger: Isaiah…I’m going to tell you something about what I’ve learned throughout my life

Me: Oh okay

Stranger: It all started when I was 22 going on 23

Me: This is going to be good

Stranger: I started conversating with way more people, every time I went some where I would say hey how you doing. Then I would get a response from them saying they are doing good thanks for asking.

Me: Really? I thought strangers would just blow that off.

Stranger: Well you asked if you can sit with me, did I blow that off?

Me: No, you didn’t.

Stranger: Exactly, this gives me hope. Lets me know that humans can still be humans without violence or being judged. On occasion I would stop and have a conversation with the person I greeted.

Me: Oh really about what?

Stranger: Anything, doesn’t have to be something that I want or they want to talk about, anything will do. And by the time the conversation was over they left feeling a lot better about themselves and had an even better day because of it.

Now this is where the conversation begins to turn around.

Me: Thats interesting…

Stranger: You have a question?

Me: Why would you bother having a conversation with a stranger?

Stranger: The same reason you are having a conversation with me Isaiah.

Me: Oh okay

Stranger: You made my day by asking me to sit with me, how does that make you feel?

Me: I feel good knowing that I made your day by asking you a question, or saying anything too you.

Stranger: Thats good to hear Isaiah. Tell me where are you going?

Me: What do you mean sir?

Stranger: Where are you headed with your life?

Me: I’m traveling the path that is rarely traveled, I’m on the road to success.

Stranger: So are you walking alone?

Me: ….hmmmm I think I am.

Stranger: You still have a lot to learn Isaiah.

Me: Like what?

Stranger: You may be walking the path to success alone, but you are never really by yourself.

Me: What do you mean?

The man then pulls out a memo pad and pen, writes down three letters.

Stranger: Can you add names to these letters?

Me: Yeah, I can.

The letters are


The names I come up with to go with those letters are:


Stranger: Do you know anyone with these names?

Me: No, I do not.

Stranger: So why did you write them down?

Me: Because you asked if I can come up with names, and that is what I did.

Stranger: Yes, you did a good job with that but I want to know why you managed to write down anything.

Stranger: Lets try it again.

This time the letters are:


The names I come up with are:


Stranger: Have you spoke to anyone with these names in the last 7 days?

Me: No, I haven’t

Stranger: Are you sure?

Me: I’m pretty sure I haven’t.

Stranger: What if I told you, that you was lying?

Me: Then I would be calling you a liar.

Stranger: Well you are lying.

Me: How?

Stranger: Whether you know it or not, you have communicated with those 6 people with those names you wrote down.

Me: How you figure that?

Stranger: You don’t have to say anything to someone to commuciate to them. Sometimes by just looking at a person, you communicate with them.

Me: …..

Stranger: By you writing those names down you have commuciated with them, you know this and they don’t.

Stranger: Or do they?

Stranger: Isaiah, I want you to go say hi to the next person that walks in.

A few minutes later someone walks in. I then get up to go say hi to them ask. Ask them how they are doing today. I then refill my drink and go back to sitting down.

Stranger: How easy was that?

Me: I didn’t even think if it was going to be easy or hard to do.

Stranger: And that is the point.

Stranger: Now the next person that walks in, I want you to greet them, then offer to pay for their stuff.

Me: Are you serious?

Stranger: Does it look like I’m playing a game with you?

Me: ….Okay I guess I’ll do it then

Stranger: What’s wrong Isaiah, do you think its going to be hard.

Me: Of course I do, why would a stranger offer to pay for someone elses stuff.

Stranger: Why would you?

Me: Because I would want too.

Stranger: Okay, so stop thinking about it and do it because you want too.

Then the next person walks in, I see them, then I turn back to look at him. He looks at me and doesn’t say anything just sitting there. He isn’t waiting for me to get up or is even expecting me to get up I can tell just by looking at him.

So I get up to chat with the person that just walked in, then when the cashier asks for a price I look at them and say don’t worry about it I got it. Hands the cashier the money, they say thanks and I say your welcome. Then I go back to sit down.

Stranger: Isaiah, quick question.

Me: Sure what is it?

Stranger: How much money do you have right now?

Me: About $1,500 right now

Stranger: How much in cash?

Me: $300

Stranger: Did that person ask you how much money you had?

Me: No

Stranger: What about the cashier?

Me: No

Stranger: So why is it that nobody cares how much money you have?

Me: I don’t know

Stranger: Its because the amount of money you have means nothing, if you aren’t delivering something of value to some ones life.

Me: Damn

Stranger: Focus on delivering value to others lives and you will live a wonderful life.

Me: Thanks for the advice.

Stranger: No, problem. Well I better be off

Me: Wait you never told me your name…

Stranger: Oh I’m sorry, my name is Isaiah Jackson, I’m 67 years old and I’ve been making 7 figures a year since I was 25.

Stranger: Does the amount of money I’ve been making matter?

Me: No, you’ve delivered a ton of value and taught me some things about myself. Thanks for that.

Stranger: Alright kid, you’ll be seeing me sometime in the future. Nice chatting with you.

He then shakes my hand and he leaves.

Then I woke up, the dream is over.

The thought that dominated my mind all day today was this:

“Its because the amount of money you have means nothing, if you aren’t delivering something of value to some ones life.”