So I’ve been talking to this “chick” for a little over a 8 or 9 years now…

and when I was younger the conversations I was having with this chick made me pretty damn happy

…then as I got older the conversation we started having began to change

She was pretty cool to say the least, hell she can be cool with everybody.

But in the same breath she can be hell for everybody.

What is her name?

and her name is

You see as I got older, I began to quickly find out who was doing things with me only because I had money.

So when I started getting people to believe I didn’t have any money, the folks who stayed were the people I wanted to keep around.

You see money and I get along fine.

And one of the easiest ways to ensure that you get along well with her too would be to get comfortable with her.

Once you get comfortable talking to anyone about money, she will get comfortable with being around you.

As soon as that happens, well you know what is going to happen don’t you?

You will make money money.

So the one step you need to take would be this:

Get comfortable with talking about money.

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