Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

In this video I rap about list building with Facebook.

Of course there are paid ways of generating traffic to your email capture page especially on Facebook from leads ads, promoted posts, and other campaigns you can create inside of the Facebook business manager.

The first way is to leverage Facebook groups.

Contribute to these groups as if people are paying you for it.

Doing so will built authority and celebrity within the group and you can start to share the solution your free gift solves to other members.

The second way to build your email list again starts with those groups you are contributing too.

From there the members that engage with your posts will start to send you friend requests.

Accept them and add them to a list inside of Facebook.

From there start posting on your main newsfeed (or copy and paste an email you sent out to your list) but link back to your email capture page.

So there you have it.

Just a few ways to start building your email list using Facebook.


Isaiah Jackson