Isaiah Jackson here –

In this post I will give you the best advice that will help you succeed at EVERYTHING. Not just your online business but everything else in your life. Now I know that is a pretty bold claim for me to make but just keep reading.

I posted something like this on my Google+ page earlier

And to touch up on that a little more.

You simply MUST focus on one thing. But its just not enough to just work on one thing. You must work on that one thing TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITIES!

Sorry for the caps, you are probably thinking I’m yelling at you (I am)

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I see people become jaded by something that works, here I’ll give you an example.

Take a fitness program, any program, it doesn’t matter but I’ll pick one: P90X

Say someone buys P90X which has been proven to work time and time again.
People who follow the program to the T get results with the program.
The person then begins P90X with the dreams of being able to get that 6-pack they always wanted..
But something happens…

…the person doesn’t follow the nutrition plan in P90X but continues to eat the way
they would normally eat.

Only to turn around and say that “P90X doesn’t work”

Or take another wild example (will apply this to business now)

I give you a proven system that has worked for hundreds and even thousands of people
online without fail.

Now lets say in this system I tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to start getting
traffic to your website, I give you the EXACT steps required to start getting results.

But rather than take my advice, you decide to use some other traffic method
that you heard someone else talk about, which isn’t apart of the system that I originally gave to you.

Only to then again turn around and complain about your lack of results

This is just an example (told you it was going to be wild)

Do you see the mistake here?

If the path is so clear to follow why is it that people don’t want to follow it?

If something works, then it just works. Don’t question why it works, just work with it
and when it works for you then you may ask questions

So just focus on that ONE THING for now, and start getting results with that.