How much do you think is needed to make a full-time income online?

The number is shocking.

Its not $10K.

Its actually less.

I’d say anywhere from $3k to $5k a month is considered full-time.

So how do you get there using email and email only.

Lets work backwards.

Goal is $5k a month.

We can do email marketing campaigns for businesses that don’t have them (sell packages up to 5 grand)

We can sell a 1k service to 5 online businesses (mostly ecom businesses)

We can sell a $500 service to 6 people (similar to my Fast Track Program –

Get 100 people to pay you $50 a month and you deliver them results.

Regardless of which you choose – its much easier to do when you have an email list.

Case in point – I once made $500 in a single day selling a 250 buck service that didn’t exist until two of my subscribers asked me for it.

Need another one?

I again sold a 997 coaching program (that also didn’t exist) to 3 of my subscribers.

These people were already on my email list – knew what they wanted – I gave it to them.

So if you truly want to create a full-time income – start building your email list and mailing it daily.

Watch what happens.

For more info on how to build a profitable email list head on over to Email Villains and get started:

Isaiah Jackson