In this video I reveal how to make $100 a day online as a teenager.

So lets dive in..

Here are 4 ways that you can start making $100 a day as a teenager (this works regardless of your age by the way) so lets get started.

Way #1 – Drop Shipping

Find a product that is selling really well on Amazon, then head on over to Ebay and see if the same item is selling.

Create a eBay listing selling the Amazon item.

Make sense?

Now onto way numero 2.

Way #2 – Leverage YouTube

Here’s how you can make more money if you play video games (shocked that no one does this) but you head back to Amazon and grab your Amazon affiliate link for that video game.

You simply copy and paste that Amazon affiliate link for your play through of that game for every single video of that game.

Doing so will allow you to bank from the games that you play :-)

Way #3 – Unboxing Videos

These are pretty damn popular. Why? I don’t know but the concept is the same. Unbox a product and promote the product – even better is to go watch my $100 a day using just PayPal video where I talk about how to promote a product as an affiliate the link will be below:

Way #4 – Affiliate marketing

Again I won’t cover this in too much detail but you can just go watch the video I uploaded on how to make 100 bucks a day with PayPal.

For more info on how to make at least 100 bucks a day… use the link below to watch this free video tutorial

Isaiah Jackson