How To Increase Website Traffic

So the other day I sent you an email telling you how important it is for you to be building your email list. I hope you read it, I gave you a lot of free sources that will help you catapult your list building.

However in that last email I didn’t cover what would really take you list building to the next level and that would be generating targeted traffic to your website.So what I did is created this blog post showing you how to get website traffic –

1. Article Marketing

imply write a bunch of articles and submit them to Ezine Articles, once your articles are published, be sure to ping them using pingler

The only problem with Article marketing is that it takes time to write the articles but if your willing to do it more power to you.

2. Forum Marketing

You find a forum in your niche that allows you to leave a signature and you link your signature back to your website.

Problem with this is that you may be banned if all you do is spam the forum and not contribute so, you want to make sure you contribute first.

3. Blog commenting

You find a blog in your niche that gets a decent amount of traffic and you leave a comment that links back to your site, be sure to ping it using pingler.

Problem with this is that you have to wait on the blogger to approve of your comment and sometimes you may find a blog that gets no traffic.

4. Social media

You build up your following in your niche and you post your content on sites like Facebook & Twitter.

The BIG problem with this is that most people won’t even see your content, because they will be so into the other they are getting from there friends.

But here is a solution to all the above problems.

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Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

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