How To Build An Email List That Buys From You

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

And in this short video I will be sharing with you.. how to build a list that buys from you. You see when it comes to email marketing it is important for you to follow the steps that I will be sharing with you because if not, building your list can end up costing you money instead of making you money.

The steps are:

Step 1: You MUST have a high converting squeeze page in place to get subscribers

Step 2: You also MUST have a profitable offer to show those subscribers

Step 3: Once you have those in place you can start driving traffic to your squeeze page using the methods I shared with you in this video

You can get an idea as to what this all looks like by watching the video or checking it out yourself here.


Isaiah Jackson

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson is known as the most sought after email marketing expert in the Internet Marketing & Online Business Community. He is famous for creating wildly profitable email promotions that result in not only making a ton of money but also builds trust and good will with his email subscribers.

  • Broh – you make this look so simple!

    Full Disclosure: I am already on your list (& follow you on Twitter), so I kinda know the score already.


    I do have one important question for you: While I do have a squeeze page (an ugly one, but it’s up & running), it’s not a video squeeze. Do you think that matters? Why or why not?

    • It shouldn’t matter. You don’t need a video squeeze page to get subscribers. In fact the more simple you make your page the better.

      As you can see in my example, that I’m not using a video squeeze page.

      Now for the page your new subs see after they opt-in it also doesn’t have to be a video.

      It can be your download page for the thing along with a chance to check our recommended offer.

      Hope that helps,


      • Hey Isaiah, thanks for responding.

        Man I gotta tell ya that it’s a relief to see you say that! I mean, we’ve all seen those real fancy pages, with the professionally produced videos full of graphics. My thing is I see that stuff & think ‘THAT’S the standard??’ Seeing guys out there on that can be deflating.

        So I appreciate your answer.

        One other thing. If you were rollin’ with a regular ole wordpress theme (like I am) would you have the redirect after the opt-in hosted on your site, or would you host it somewhere else (like your email automation provider)?

        In other words, does it hurt conversions to just make a confirmation page on the site itself, with all the routine crap still sitting on the sidebar? It would seem that such an action could hinder your efforts.


        • When it comes to list building you want to thing one action at a time.

          So if you could remove the sidebar (some templates allow that on a per page basis) that would work just fine.

          Other themes like OptimizePress (which is what I primarily use for my own sites) make it extremely easy to do and set up.

          So the less “stuff” thats on the page the better your conversions will be.