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Yo, it's Isaiah Jackson -

Back with another free training video... this time its a little bit of a challenge for you.

The challenge?

To build a profitable online business for less than $200... yep 200 buckeroos.

Should be challenging right?

Well in the video I show you exactly how to do that and still have some money left over :-)

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. Here is a link to all the resources I suggested in the video:


The reason I suggest you use BlueHost is because I personally use them myself and haven’t had any problems with there hosting also you get a free domain name with your hosting account. Meaning the only time you would have to pay for a domain is when you have to renew it at the end of the year.


The reason I suggest you use Aweber is because for the past few years they have been what I used to managed my own email lists. Very newbie friendly and the deliverability of their platform is just amazing.


The reason I suggest you use OptimizePress well its all I’ve ever used. Its a one-time payment (so no monthly payments yaaaaay) plus it just flat out works. They are always updating their stuff as well (hint: they got something new coming soon)

Challenge: How to build a profitable online business for less than $200
Our grand total: $181.40

Looks like you win.

Now go out there and start building a profitable online business.