Good question huh?

How much is too much?

Is it possible to have too much?

How much of too much can you actually take?

At what point does it become overwhelming?

Now in my opinion there is no such thing as having too much of anything.

I recall a while back listening to Bob Proctor and he said something around the lines of “from abundance, he took abundance, and still abundance remained”

You see, what I’m talking about is abundance. You don’t have problems, those exist in your mind. Something I’ll write about tomorrow.

But abundance is everywhere.

You just have to experience it, which you are already since you are reading this blog post :-)

See, I told you.

Would you be reading this blog post right now if it was the year 1800?

Would you even know what a blog post is?

From abundance he took abundance and still abundance remained

Take a deep breath, do it right now. Did you know that you can take in more air if you wanted to?

You can breathe now.

There is always more than enough for the things that you want.

This was something that was revealed to me, 48 hours ago.

In a vision, that I will not share today. I’ll share that vision later on this week.

I think its time we go update ‘The Grateful List

Since we now realize that we have more than enough.

You can be grateful for it all.