I get asked this question from time to time so I thought I’d answer it here.

The amount of money one would actually need to safely quit your job is…

Well it depends.

You would want to have at least 6-12 months worth of money saved up before you leave.

Meaning if your expenses and bills are up to $500/mo then you’d want to save between $3,000 and $6,000.

I call that a safely net.

How much do you need to make is up to the job you have.

Out here in Indiana the minimum wage is $7.25.

If you assume the average person gets about 32 hours a week.

The average person would need to make about $928 per month online to quit their job.

That works out to be about $30 a day.

Doable online.

100% doable online.

In fact if you were to do exactly what I told you to do starting today, using about 20% of the money you make at your job today you can turn it into that $900 a month in about 45 days easily.

I did it myself but thats for another email (or blog post, video or podcast).

So to get started with making that quit your job kind of money you got to get inside of here:


Isaiah Jackson