I get this question a lot from the beginners online aka newbies…

Which is better: Free Traffic or Paid Traffic

But before I go into details about which I think its better, I’ll share with you some Free and Paid traffic methods so you have an idea as to what my uncensored opinion is based on.

Free Traffic Methods


Do exactly what I am doing right now for the next 30+ days and see if you can get some traffic using the search engines.

Blog commenting

Find a blog that is relevant to your niche that you can leave comments on.

Insider Secret – Set up Google Alerts for your keyword, and have it set to blogs only. So whenever your keyword is mentioned you can quickly run on over to the blog and leave a valuable comment.

Guest blogging

Similar to blog commenting except you won’t be leaving any comments on the blog, but you will be posting on the blog. Best if you started out with just leaving comments on the blog you want to do some guest blogging on first so you can get their attention.

Youtube Marketing

Start uploading YouTube videos that are related to your niche.

Remember the Insider Secret with blog commenting, imagine doing video blog comments. Where instead of just leaving a typed out comment but you actually made a video for it as well.

Forum Marketing

Find a forum in your niche and just start posting valuable content. From reviews to other things as well. If you are in the in Internet Marketing niche, the top forum right now is WarriorForum.com

Joint Venture Launches

This works best if you have your own product. You basically go out and get affiliates to promote your product for you thus allowing you to build your customer list (which is the most powerful list you can have)

Paid Traffic Methods

Solo Ads

You will pay someone with an email list to mail out for you squeeze page. This is my most profitable traffic sources, you just have to find the right people to buy from, which is explained in my Breakthrough Commissions course over here.

IMPORTANT: Always send paid traffic to your squeeze page

FB Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads

The following are all used for PPC traffic. Which is used the right way, can send you a consistent flow of traffic to your website every single day while making you a profit in the process.

The name of the game with PPC is getting your cost per click down as low as possible once you do that, and find yourself making a profit on your ads, just increase your ad spend.

Banner Ads

Find a website that already has an active and engaged audience in your niche, pay them to post your banner on their site,

The Great War Ends…

Which one is the best in my opinion.

I would have to go with paid traffic.

Because using paid traffic you are in control of the end result plus you are almost guaranteed that you will drive traffic to your website which will help build your list and eventually make some money from.

To your success,

Isaiah Jackson