The biggest mistake I see new-comers making when starting an email business is that they always start with traffic.

Everyone wants to get traffic I get it but its completely wrong to think about traffic first.

Most don’t even have an email capture page up.

You see the problem.

How would you build your email list with traffic if you don’t even have a way to get people to give you their email address?

Makes no sense.

So with that said you always follow the natural progression.

Meaning you start with choosing a hungry market that you want to get involved in. Not something that you just think is going to be profitable but something that you can easily talk about.

Then you move to creating “the hook” – which is the thing you give people to join your email list.

Traffic is the last thing to worry about.

It should come after you have everything set up.

The start of your email business doesn’t have to be perfect – but you got to at least get it going.

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Isaiah Jackson