Got a question from a Profit Mastery Club member a few days ago asking me to breakdown my own personal income


I have no idea but I don’t mind it at all.

By the way… I can tell you right now that what I’m going to share will NOT help you in any way shape or form.

Anyways here’s a simple breakdown of just last month:

1) $1,017 in one time payments
2) $813 in recurring payments
3) $560 in service rendered
4) $92.40 in service affiliate sales
5) $72.34 in affiliate sales

So thats about $2,474.74 in total online sales. ONLINE sales.

Add in the $599.92 earned from Personal Training and that brings my total income to about:


Divide that by the 28 days we had last month and that puts me at $112.66 per day

Easy money.

So there you have it my personal income breakdown report.

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Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. I will not make it a habit of posting this every single month. Its not what I do and personally there is no value to be had from it… meaning seeing my numbers won’t help you at all. It may motivate you but thats all it will do.

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