I don’t know which is more sad, the E Word itself or the people making them.

I’m sure by the one sentence you know exactly what I’m talking about huh.

Yeah you guessed it.


You see if I really wanted to do something, I don’t believe I made an excuse as to why I couldn’t do it.

If what I wanted to do required money, then I found a way to do it without the use of money.

I can’t go to the store because I don’t have a car, so I walk to the store.

You learn really quickly that your excuses will keep you from doing EVERYTHING you want to do in your life.

Things that can help you grow as a person, you won’t do because of the excuses you give yourself and other people.

Start right now.

Stop making excuses they will get you no where in life.

Imagine going to work and your boss asked you for some spreadsheet that he has been asking you for, for about 2 weeks.

What will you tell your boss.

“I didn’t have time to do it”

Your boss will most likely fire you, or start giving you less work time.

Nobody gives a fuck about your excuses, we only care about your results..

“Excuses are the nails used to build the house of failure” – Don Wilder

Start making progress, not excuses.

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