Don’t Judge Me

Don’t judge me…

Only God can judge me…

How many times have you heard people say that?

If you get around a lot, you hear it a lot like I do.

But did you know that when you say that, you are actually doing yourself a major disservice?

I’ll explain what I mean in video below.

Click “Play”

Have a great day,

Isaiah Jackson

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson is known as the most sought after email marketing expert in the Internet Marketing & Online Business Community. He is famous for creating wildly profitable email promotions that result in not only making a ton of money but also builds trust and good will with his email subscribers.

  • kevin

    Isaiah, good video mate, you have got it spot on with the way people think of themselves.I have also been thinking why people think like this,including myself sometimes. I think from a young age we all have been conditioned to a certain point,(ie) the way wee get brought up, magazines,friends and just life in general with what wee take into our subconscious each day,all these thing efect us. I think if you keep your mind strong and be aware of what you are speaking about then a lot of folks reading your blog will have a different outlook to life maybe just a small amount,but from small things big things happen.Thank you for the blog and time you take to get this good stuff to me cheers …….Kevin

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for watching the video and even more so for taking the time out to
      leave a comment on the video.

      You are right about how our minds are conditioned from the time we
      grow up.

      Happy you enjoyed the video,

      Isaiah Jackson.