I hope I’m not the only person on this planet who does this and if I am, then that means I truly am a one of a kind ha.

Anyways why do you humans complicate things.

I say you humans because I decided to be a cyborg so I am that.

If we can just manage to keep things simple, things will be better.

Take this blog post for example, I feel as if this is one complicated blog post to write.


Because I just typed that sentence lol

No, seriously I feel like I don’t want to write but I’m doing it anyways.

And the premise of this blog post came from a song I recorded back in 2010 called ‘Heavy Metal’

Within the first 4 lines of the song, I remember the rest of the verse being complicated to actually say, easy to do in my mind but completely different beast when said out loud.

Heavy Metal

So as you can see, in this short video. I made it extremely complicated for me to say the words the way I wanted to say them.

Especially around 0:41 seconds in, I said:

now did I mention, you got to listen

they in my section, screaming religion

my mission not to mention what I’m effin missing

~ Isaiah Jackson (Major)

You know how long it took me just to type that, I had to play that around 4 or 5 times lol

Clearly its complicated and you know its my fault it is.

Which is fine, since I can’t do anything about it now.

But what I can do is not make everything else complicated, which even for me can be well complicated.

I’m determined to do it though.

Simplify my life a little.

It needs some simplifying.