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How To Get Traffic From Social Media

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This video is properly titled: How To Get Traffic From Social Media.

Because it seems to be all the rage now a days so I’d thought I’d give you my humble but accurate opinion on how to actually get social media to work for you instead of against you.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The one thing that you should do everyday (even if you don’t have what’s required) that will make getting traffic from any platform as easy as copy and paste
  • The one website you should post on if you don’t have your own site
  • The only hashtag spa you would ever need to go to that will help you relax your social media efforts
  • The 10 second rule that forces you to get the most engaged customers and subscribers (even more engaging than launching a product)
  • Plus a bunch of other stuff…


Isaiah Jackson

How To Get Traffic Without SEO

In this video I share with you, how to get traffic without SEO.

Getting traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

Without traffic then you aren’t in business.

Here’s how to get traffic without SEO:

1) Paid Traffic

There are multiple forms of paid traffic from Facebook Ads, Email Ads, Banner Ads, PPV Ads, PPC Ads.

These are just a few of the online paid traffic sources available.

2) Free Traffic

This will come in the form of YouTube videos like this on how to get traffic without SEO

Other examples include: forum marketing, blog posting, guest blog posting, blog commenting, Twitter and a lot more free traffic methods that I won’t cover right here…

So there you have it…

How To Get Traffic Without SEO

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How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

If there is one thing I get asked about it is always on the topic of free traffic.

Free traffic is not really free because it requires effort on your part, initially it does.

But once you created your snowball its only a matter of time before you can get it rolling until its something that can’t be stopped.

With that said here is a video outlining a free way to get traffic to your one page website.

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

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In Today's Video, You'll Learn About

  • How To Leverage The Small Amount of Traffic You Are Currently Getting (even if its only 10 visitors a day)
  • The Simple Tactic For Getting People To Send You Traffic For FREE (no product needed)
  • Plus much much more..


Isaiah Jackson
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5 Strange Ways To Drive Thousands of Targeted Visitors To Your Website


You built your website.

7 days after the site is built you managed to get your first 1,000 visitors.

It only snowballs from there...

1,000 visitors turns to 2,000 visitors and so on and so on....

What You Will Learn:

5 strange ways to drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website:

01) Go Where Your Market Hangs Out At
02) Get Your Face Seen And Voice Heard
03) Like Or Dislike (I Don't Care)
04) Walk On Someone Else's Stage
05) Pay To Hangout In The VIP Section

Go Where Your Market Hangs Out At

Step 1: Head on over to


Step 2: Type in any of the follower search terms

Your niche  Forum

So for example say I'm in the logo design niche, I would type in the following:

logo design forum


Head on over the the number pick for your search:


Sign up to become a member of the forum, in this example I would click on "Register"


Enter in all my details and click on "Complete Registration"


Now that the easy work is out of the way its time to begin the fun/hard work :-)

Visit the most recent thread inside the forum....


Lets take a look inside the thread shall we...


Interesting he is linking to a post directly...

I guess the logo design space is a bit different than the marketing niche.

NOTE: We can use this later when we start creating out own threads. Think of it as a content upgrade for forums. Have a list of like 5 or 10 design tools and include a link in your post that would go to your blog post that has the other 50 plus or so...

But for now lets leave our first post on the forum...


Now lets type our response to this thread:


We get the conversation going by engaging the OP (original poster) and can even engage with other people in the thread to build up our post count.

Now according to this forum's rules I can post links back to my website after 5 posts, but can add signature links back to my website after 50 posts.

So get involved in the forums first, replying back to people and once you reach say 50 posts then you can link back to your website/squeeze page/sales page.

Get Your Face Seen And Your Voice Heard

What exactly do I mean?


Say I know how to create logos inside of KeyNote for the Mac (I really do)

I would just load up Camtasia or ScreenFlow and walk you through how to do that.

Making sure to have my keyword in my title, my description, and tags.

Oh and don't forget the link back to your website or squeeze page (to build your list).

Here is a video example of this approach:


The traffic would come from ranking that video inside of the YouTube search.

Pretty easy to do if you know what you are doing.

In my case I just used it as an example for a different piece of content I created on my site.

Like Or Dislike (I Don't Care)

Can these ways get any more strange?

Anyways, what this means is you would leverage Facebook.

To put another way you would leverage Facebook Groups.

Here's how to find them...

Hop on over to Facebook, try to avoid scrolling your Newsfeed it won't help you lol

Head up to that search bar that people barely use:

Type in Groups about niche


In my case since I'm talking about logo design I would type in Logo Design


I hit the jackpot with this.

So lets join the first group.


Once you have joined the group the same rules apply, as they did with the forums.

Comment on other peoples posts, become friends with them, recommend resources.


It should also be noted that in this particular Facebook group people are just posting pictures of some of their logo designs and links back to their Fiverr pages, I should probably share this article with them lol

Walk On Someone Else's Stage

You ever see those award shows where someone just walks on stage?

Or even better when people like Eminem just surprise the crowd?

Like this?

15 seconds into the video!

Rihanna has an audience.

Eminem has an audience.

Rihanna's platform.

Eminem surprise.

Eminem steals the show.

Gets more fans (his fans were probably already there to begin with).

So how do we replicate this?

Guest blogging.

So lets go chat with our new best friend...


Here are some keyword ideas to type in:

Your industry keyword + "submit a post"

Your industry keyword + "guest blog"

Your industry keyword + "guest post"

Your industry keyword + "guest posting guidelines"

So lets keep with the logo design shall we :-)


Here I'll click on the and see what their guide lines are...


Great so now all I have to do is contact them and try and get their attention...

Its a war to get someone's attention in their inbox...


Leave a comment on their post and please a thoughtful comment that adds to the post.

Follow them on Twitter.

Talk to them about stuff...anything

Send them a thank you email/video giving them a testimonial from something they blogged about....

Wait a week before pitching them on your guest post...

You can find templates all over the Internet so just go back to your best friend "Google" and type in:

guest blog template


Important Note: Don't copy and paste any of these templates. Just use them as a reference guide for when you are pitching your blog post.

Pay To Hang Out In The VIP Section

Got a little cash?

Use it to pay to get a front row seat to someone's audience.


Pay for a slot in someone's email newsletter.

I'm actually surprised that not that many bloggers actually talk about this.

Simply contact the sites, that allowed guest blogging and send them a message like this:

Hey Site Owner,

I'm really loving the content you are posting, my favorite article was INSERT NAME OF ARTICLE.

My biggest takeaway from it was INSERT TAKE AWAY HERE

I was wondering... if I paid you say $100 would you be able to send 100 visitors from your email list to my latest article?

I can set up the link to track people clicking now :-)

Regardless, thanks for the article it really helped me out

-Your name

Now you don't have to send that exact message but still...

Its a template that you can edit and tweak to your liking.

You would just send that, by posting it inside of their contact form.

Easy right?


The Hybrid Approach

Although using just one of these strange methods will get traffic to your website

If you use all of them together, you can get a ton of traffic to your site

Got a new blog post?

Create a forum thread.

Turn your blog post into a video.

Post the video in a Facebook group.

Got a new squeeze page?

Yep, you guessed it buy an email ad that goes to the squeeze page.

So To Recap

Here are the 5 ways to get traffic to your website:

01) Go Where Your Market Hangs Out At

Using forums and other discussion boards to respond to threads and have link back using your signature.

02) Get Your Face Seen And Voice Heard

Create a YouTube video talking about a topic and use video optimization to rank the video in Google and YouTube.

03) Like Or Dislike (I Don't Care)

Find relevant Facebook groups, become a member of one, then start adding value by commenting, liking and sharing posts. Get involved in the group.

04) Walk On Someone Else's Stage

Guest blogging. Find a popular blog with the audience your business is based around. Submit a guest blog post and be ready to stay active on that blog.

05) Pay To Hangout In The VIP Section

Email advertising. Know someone who launched a product in the weight loss niche? Contact them and pay them to send traffic from their email list to your landing page/squeeze page.

And there you have it 5 strange ways to get traffic to your website.

Know of any other strange ways to get traffic?

Also if you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with a friend or two.


~ Isaiah Jackson

Getting Traffic Comes Down To Two Of These Three Words

So I got an email sent this video by Jeff of and no I’m not an affiliate of his program I just use his programs and have got great results.

But the video mentioned three words.




And as I watched the video I started to think about online marketing and how to get traffic to your website and a ton of other traffic generation methods.

In the video Jeff goes to explain how you can only have two out of the three but never all three.

So here is how this applies to traffic generation.


This is the kind of traffic that you get that converts like crazy your opt-in rate is amazing and you are making sales left and right.


Traffic you can get right now as you read this very blog post, the moment you tap into the source you start getting traffic.


This is the traffic that you can get for pennies on the dollar, the kind of traffic that won’t break the bank.

Now lets start putting together combinations when it comes to growing your online business.

Good + Fast

Well I’m sure you already that if you want good and fast traffic that it won’t be cheap.

This will be the kind of traffic that you buy from a product creator who has a list in your niche and he will blast his list about your offer.

Some guys charge $1.00 a click for this traffic but the minimum they have for clicks are like 500 and up so if you can put down $500 for 500 visitors to your site do it.

Good + Cheap

This is the traffic that you get from making YouTube videos, writing epic blog posts, reaching out to people to get them to share your content.

But guess what?

It won’t be fast, in fact this will take a ton of time to get the ball rolling but once its rolling you will still have to push that ball to get a steady amount of traffic

Fast + Cheap

You can go to right now and buy traffic to your website.

Only one problem with that though…

It won’t be good traffic.

You’ll get terrible conversions and if you do get great opt-in rate, you won’t make any money from the list, they also won’t open your emails regardless of what you send.

“So which do I suggest you run with?

Go with the one you feel the most comfortable with.

No sense in trying fast and cheap when I just explained to you that it probably won’t work out as well as you want.

By the way there are ways to make cheap traffic work but it will be short-term and won’t translate into long-term success online…so I won’t dive into that at all as it will only hinder you from focusing on the big picture.

So before you go here is a question:

Which two words will you use for your online business?

Leave a comment in the box below and let me know.


How To Increase Website Traffic

So the other day I sent you an email telling you how important it is for you to be building your email list. I hope you read it, I gave you a lot of free sources that will help you catapult your list building.

However in that last email I didn’t cover what would really take you list building to the next level and that would be generating targeted traffic to your website.So what I did is created this blog post showing you how to get website traffic –

1. Article Marketing

imply write a bunch of articles and submit them to Ezine Articles, once your articles are published, be sure to ping them using pingler

The only problem with Article marketing is that it takes time to write the articles but if your willing to do it more power to you.

2. Forum Marketing

You find a forum in your niche that allows you to leave a signature and you link your signature back to your website.

Problem with this is that you may be banned if all you do is spam the forum and not contribute so, you want to make sure you contribute first.

3. Blog commenting

You find a blog in your niche that gets a decent amount of traffic and you leave a comment that links back to your site, be sure to ping it using pingler.

Problem with this is that you have to wait on the blogger to approve of your comment and sometimes you may find a blog that gets no traffic.

4. Social media

You build up your following in your niche and you post your content on sites like Facebook & Twitter.

The BIG problem with this is that most people won’t even see your content, because they will be so into the other they are getting from there friends.

But here is a solution to all the above problems.

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Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

How To Get Traffic To Your Website (Plus The ONE Page You Need To Send All Traffic Too)


Website built? Awesome.

You want to start sending traffic to it? Awesome.

You don’t know where to send the traffic… (not awesome)

So you ask yourself:

“Where do I send the traffic?

So you do a Google search and come across this blog post.

Where I will show you the easiest way to send traffic to your site, but before we start sending traffic you need to have an answer to the above question.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Click here to watch this free video on how to easily get traffic to your website

Where Do I Send The Traffic?

In order for you to find out where you want to send the traffic you first must have a goal in mind…

What is your number one goal?

Get a new subscriber on your email list?

Get a new customer?

Share some of your content?

What is the most important goal for your website?

Your answer should always be:

Get a new subscriber on your email list.

The One Page You MUST HAVE

Lead Capture Page (squeeze page or landing page)

The purpose of this page is to capture someone’s name and/or email address.

To build your email list so you have an audience you can always send your content too.

Regardless of what the content is… it can be a YouTube video you created, a blog post, a free guide on how to do something.

How Do I Get Traffic To My Landing Page?

The fastest and easiest way to get traffic to this landing page would be through email advertising.

Which are also known as “solo ads” in Internet Marketing.

Email Advertising: Its an email going out to someone else’s list that has a link to your landing page.

Endorsed traffic at its finest.

And since its coming from someone else’s list with a well written email swipe, you could get at least 40% of the people who click on that link in that email to subscribe to your email list.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Click here to watch this free video on how to easily get traffic to your website

To getting more traffic to your website,

Isaiah Jackson

Free VS. Paid Traffic – The Great War Ends…

I get this question a lot from the beginners online aka newbies…

Which is better: Free Traffic or Paid Traffic

But before I go into details about which I think its better, I’ll share with you some Free and Paid traffic methods so you have an idea as to what my uncensored opinion is based on.

Free Traffic Methods


Do exactly what I am doing right now for the next 30+ days and see if you can get some traffic using the search engines.

Blog commenting

Find a blog that is relevant to your niche that you can leave comments on.

Insider Secret – Set up Google Alerts for your keyword, and have it set to blogs only. So whenever your keyword is mentioned you can quickly run on over to the blog and leave a valuable comment.

Guest blogging

Similar to blog commenting except you won’t be leaving any comments on the blog, but you will be posting on the blog. Best if you started out with just leaving comments on the blog you want to do some guest blogging on first so you can get their attention.

Youtube Marketing

Start uploading YouTube videos that are related to your niche.

Remember the Insider Secret with blog commenting, imagine doing video blog comments. Where instead of just leaving a typed out comment but you actually made a video for it as well.

Forum Marketing

Find a forum in your niche and just start posting valuable content. From reviews to other things as well. If you are in the in Internet Marketing niche, the top forum right now is

Joint Venture Launches

This works best if you have your own product. You basically go out and get affiliates to promote your product for you thus allowing you to build your customer list (which is the most powerful list you can have)

Paid Traffic Methods

Solo Ads

You will pay someone with an email list to mail out for you squeeze page. This is my most profitable traffic sources, you just have to find the right people to buy from, which is explained in my Breakthrough Commissions course over here.

IMPORTANT: Always send paid traffic to your squeeze page

FB Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads

The following are all used for PPC traffic. Which is used the right way, can send you a consistent flow of traffic to your website every single day while making you a profit in the process.

The name of the game with PPC is getting your cost per click down as low as possible once you do that, and find yourself making a profit on your ads, just increase your ad spend.

Banner Ads

Find a website that already has an active and engaged audience in your niche, pay them to post your banner on their site,

The Great War Ends…

Which one is the best in my opinion.

I would have to go with paid traffic.

Because using paid traffic you are in control of the end result plus you are almost guaranteed that you will drive traffic to your website which will help build your list and eventually make some money from.

To your success,

Isaiah Jackson