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My First $100 – How Long It Took

Got an interesting question sent to me from one of my Twitter followers (@isaiahmjackson) the other day.

He asked:

“Isaiah, how long did it take you to make your first $100 and how did you do it?”

Fair enough.

Back in 2010 when I was getting started with affiliate marketing it took me about two weeks to make my first $100 online.

I saw success pretty quickly.

Now how did I do it?


I sent traffic to a landing page to build my email list and after someone subscribed to my email list they were sent directly to an offer I was promoting as an affiliate.

It was just that easy.

So total time to make my first $100 two weeks.

How? Built my email list and promoted a product as an affiliate.

That’s how I did.

And you want to know something?

The same formula I just explained to you, helped me make my first $1,000 and continues too even if I did nothing but send traffic to my squeeze page.

I’ll show you how you can take the same formula and make your first $1,000 online just click the link below and start making money yourself.

See you inside,

Isaiah Jackson

How To Profit Like A Jerk & Get Away With It

I’ve been called a jerk my entire life.

Ever since young Isaiah was a little bitty Isaiah up until now sitting the ripe young age of 24 years old.

Anyways I got another email from a virgin newbie marketer Valerie Uwakwe who states:

You are a jerk. Your emails are very unprofessional. Do not email me again.

Why is she calling me a jerk?

Because I call people out on their crap and I make out like a bandit straight to the bank because of it.

Meaning the more you call people out on their crap, they will not like you, but over time they will begin to love you for it.

I’m sure the virgin newbie marketers are going to have fun talking about me inside their favorite fakebook group, only thing I ask is that someone send me the link.

Doing this has allowed me to make more money with my emails than I have ever before all while getting people I don’t want as customers or subscribers off my list.

Anyways.. if you are sick and tired of being a jerkless virgin newbie marketer than grab this system that will pop your commission cherry today:

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Isaiah Jackson

Lazy Backlink Expert Gives Crappy Advice

Remember the virgin newbie I talked about earlier?

Yeah you know who he is.

Anyways – here’s what someone told the guy

“Just keep learning through forums and google you will succeed one day. Good Luck!!”

More nonsense.

Just keep learning, last time I checked just learning something didn’t put cash in the bank.

A better idea would be to go out and do something from what you learned.

At least you will get much farther ahead in business doing that.

Look knowledge is not power anymore but applied knowledge is.

I mean yeah you can know how to get traffic but if you don’t apply anything you won’t get any traffic.

Speaking of traffic… get your hands on my complete traffic plan for 64% off while you still can:

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. Don’t be lazy.

Don’t pick it up if you aren’t going to use it.

Better yet, hire someone to put the strategies in place for you so you can still get tons of traffic to your website or affiliate links

Virgin Newbie Loses His Panties

Saw an interesting post from a virgin newbie Peter who says:

I am completely new to internet marketing and already fed up with 100’s of fake, false promised, non-working, stupid and bullSh**t formulas people are selling. So far what I have found is that most of the people who call them internet marketer or gurus are selling courses or product around “how to get rich” or “how they earned millions”. In reality, what they are doing is getting rich by just telling to how to get rich.

The fundamental question comes to my mind is that if someone really knows the magic formula why he/she will share that formula with someone and make that formula so saturate that so he himself cannot earn. If someone already making 1000’s of dollars why he will sell that idea for some odd 10-19$ and make so much effort. where as he can invest the same time to multiply its existing capital.

Most of the courses I came across which shows you to get rich by following their secret recipes. But in reality, most of them are either don’t work or stopped working due to market change or so much saturation and competition.

In that situation how someone really validates the idea or check the trick really works.

Yes, the case of the Virgin marketer.

New to marketing yet feels he can easily complain about things.

Failed to mentioned the names of the courses he checked out and what action he has taken to grow his own damn business.

If he did take action he wouldn’t have said something as harsh.

Of course the fellow virgin marketers followed and agreed with him.

Me, no chance in hell.

Look if a marketer is earning say about $500 a month online and they decide to sell you the system for $5 there is a reason they are selling it to you for $5.

To help your virgin ass grow a business up to $500 a month.

Makes sense?


Its the same thing when it comes to traffic generation.

If I’m getting traffic to my website for free or pennies on the dollar.

I’m going to want to show other people how to do just that.

Which you can get your hands on it now for 64% off:

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. If the virgin marketer in you has a problem with the way I do email don’t worry there is a club of people forming.

None of which are on my email list of course.

Anyways – go pop your virgin traffic cherry and start getting hordes of traffic to your website today using the Breakthrough Traffic Execution Plan

IJS1: How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

I’ve been talking about traffic a lot this month.

I guess thats because people still think that getting traffic is something one the elite of the elite can do when in reality even someone who is brand new to this whole marketing game can start doing it.

In this episode of the Isaiah Jackson Show I will share with you a simple tactic you can use to drive traffic to your blog.

If you want to learn more about traffic generation I just released a course that will show you how I drive traffic:

You can get your hands on it here.

Isaiah Jackson