No Sleep. No Rest. Plenty Determination

Inside you will discover exactly what I’ve done to move my business forward…

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Week 2 – Here’s What I Did (What About You)

So its been 7 days since my last update on this website (more like official update not my traffic strategies) and I’m sure you are curious to hear about the millions of things that I got done. So lets dive in…

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It Starts Here

Come with me as I take you on the journey of what its like to build a profitable online business…

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Happy Memorial Day | A Few Videos Also

Happy Memorial Day! Today we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Its because of them that we are living the life we currently are striving to make better every single day. So today we don’t celebrate a three-day weekend or some nice time on the beach but honor those…

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List Building Tips

And in this video I will share with you a few list building tips.

How many?

Only way to find out…

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The Best Kind Of Products To Promote

Have you been trying to make money online for longer than 30 days?

Are you stuck and confused on what offers you SHOULD promote?

Well in this free video I reveal to you an easy to follow guide to determine which offers you should promote (that you can make a great deal of money with)

Watch the video inside…

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Are You Really Doing The Work?

Quick question for you… are you really getting “work” done online?

And I use the word “work” very loosely.

Because just being on your computer and watching a few YouTube videos… can’t really be called “work”

What did you actually get done?

Lets talk about it inside…

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Why I Don’t Do Facebook Ads

In this video I share with you why I don’t currently use FB ads to build my email list…

Now there is nothing wrong with Facebook Ads, nothing at all however once you understand my reasoning for not using them it will make any traffic getting efforts you are attempting much easier..

Get all the details inside…

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Why You Should Get A Mentor

Are you stuck?

Having a hard time believing you can do this?

In this early morning video Isaiah Jackson shares with you why you should get a mentor or personal trainer…

Note this has nothing to do with fitness but was used as an easy to understand example.

Watch inside…

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Solo Ads Training

In this video you are going to get solo ads training.

I share with you how I buy solo ads and where to find them.

But most importantly I will share with you what to do once you find a winner.

Take a look inside…

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