…only if you focus.


Which seems to be a big problem, with a lot of the people I seem to run into.

And one of the perks for minimalism is being able to focus on just one thing.

For example, I wrote this blog post using an application on my Mac called Byword.

I had it in fullscreen mode, and I had the wifi turned off, this gives me the abilty to focus on what I’m writing.

How can you take this idea and apply it to other aspects of your life.

That is simple.

Start with your web browser, only keep one tab open. Yes, it will take some time to get use too, but it will be worth it.

Are you currently writing or working on a project, try cutting off your phone and focus on getting the project done.

Easy right?

So apply it to other things as well.

You have a list of goals right? Well which goal is going to make it easier to accomplish the other ones?

Find out what the goal is, focus on that one.

I wrote about this in a free product I created called The Newbie Mistake which you can download here.

Look, you can do this only if you stay focused.

Download The Newbie Mistake Here