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The sales funnel from hell

These damn marketers these days

What in the world is going on.

I checked out a sales page from someone who is supposed to be my competitor (really not, I don’t see him as comp) then I attempted to leave the page.

Exit pop up.

Nothing wrong with this, but I wondered what would happen if I just keep clicking to stay on the page.

More exit pop ups.

There were so many that I thought I saw the same page at least 3 or 4 times.

Not only that at the end of the exit pop ups (wish I kept count of how many I got) there was the registration page for the product he is selling and guess what happens when you try and leave THAT page…

Yep, another exit popup that takes you directly to the damn download page.

Which I have to admit is pretty slick, because before you even see the content you would have paid you are shown a ton of offer disguised as “bonuses” and then you can see the product you paid for.

Anyways, this is why I got out of affiliate marketing… plus I have much more fun talking about my own stuff

Speaking of my own stuff…

Next month I will be releasing another VIP Course exclusive to VIP Club members only but not only that I will also be introducing live webinars into the mix as well and therefore will be raising the price of the VIP Club.

So if you want to be godfathered in, then I suggest you become a member now before the end of this month…

Isaiah Jackson

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How the clueless throw away their money

They buy products from their favorite BOOROO hoping they will get rich…

Well time to play the evil villain on this one

No product you buy online will ever make you rich.


Here’s why:

Just buying a product that sits on the shelf and never opening the thing never makes your life any better.

Thats not taking action at all.

Thats just wasting your money.

And hey if you are cool with wasting money, send it to me I’d make great use of it.

And by that I mean I’d just buy traffic with it.

Since I already have a squeeze page that coverts really well all I need to do is send traffic to it and then email my list daily.

And just like that I am in the money.

Its not that hard.

In fact its simple to do.

And thats exactly what I show you how to do inside here:

Isaiah Jackson

1 hour after website creation.. no traffic.. i quit..

Are what the struggling newbies cry.

They build a crappy looking website and after 1 hour they are pissed off they are not getting any traffic to their new website.

Look I applaud anyone who goes out there and builds a landing page, squeeze page or something like it.

But if all you do is build the site and nothing else, well I got some sad news for you… that ho’ build it and they will come does not exist.

You built it, therefore it is your responsibility to make sure people go to it.

Building a landing page/squeeze page is easy. Hell I can make one in about 5 minutes.

But if all I did was build them and drove no traffic or visitors to them well they are a waste of online space.

Speaking of building landing pages…

In next month’s VIP training course I will be walking you through everything I know about landing pages while also giving you templates that you can use for yourself so that you can have your very own high converting squeeze page ready to drive traffic too.

But you can only get your hands on that inside the VIP Club, so jump right in and lets make 2017 the year of profits.

Isaiah Jackson

This still stinks

I mean you do all you can to clean up your act.

You clean your clothes.

You clean the rooms.

You clean the fridge.

You clean the floors.

You clean every little thing you can but it still stinks.

What stinks?

Your act.

What act?

The act of not making any money online.

Well its time you stop cleaning what will always stink and get some professional help and attention.

Enter the Commission Sweeper 3000.

Proven to make you over $3,000 a month with the push of a button.

Now meet your host… Bob ‘The Fake Actor’ Bryan….

Are you sick of these stinky stories yet?

I know I am.

They reek of complete and utter bull$hit.

So lets throw out the Commission Sweeper 3000 and put an end to people like Bob Bryan (this name is completely made up by the way)

Get your hands on something that has been proven to work time and time again.



Let me show you the only way left for the struggling newbie to make money online.

Isaiah Jackson

Why I promote ONLY my own products…

There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing at least in a general sense of the term.

I mean getting paid to promote other peoples products is awesome.

However, it seems a lot of people would promote garbage just for a commission and I’m not with that.

I won’t sell you a push button solution that I know won’t deliver you the results you are looking for. Just not in the cards for me there.

I don’t care if it paid a $10K commission, I still wouldn’t promote it to you.

I only promote things that I truly believe in and know for a fact will get you the results you are looking for.

Which only leads me to a handful of products out there in the marketplace.

So why do I only talk about my own stuff?

I make more money obviously.

I control the sales process and the experience you get after you purchase.

I create the content that I know will get you the results you are looking for.

Hence why I created the VIP Club.

Its a one stop shop that will get you from $0 to $100 a day easily.

No fluff.

No filler.

No fat.

Just meat.

Grab your fork and get the munchin’ here:

Isaiah Jackson

Why junk traffic belongs in the trash

Got a question that was asked inside of the Forum for special marketers.

This question comes from someone who “Guarantees sales with one single click all done for you” so that lets you know he’s the real deal…

The question:

A simple question for you. Did you make any profit, got any real visitors or leads by using $5 gigs from Fiverr and such? I mean, as far as I know, Fiverr or Traffic exchanges don’t work well for anything IM, and cold traffic never converts good, especially the traffic made by bots, but I’d like to get an input from you guys and gals

What do you think? Any luck with junk traffic or do you use more sophisticated methods to bring traffic to your online venture like I do? Please share. Thanks!”

Funny this question coming from someone who guarantees sales with one single click.

As you can see this is a joke.

$5 on traffic from Fiverr seriously?

If you have to buy traffic from there, get out.

Not worth.

Have I told you the story of the guy who contacted me saying he bought 146,000 visitors to his website and didn’t make a single sale?

His traffic source was junk.

So in regards to junk cheap traffic I suggest you stay away.

In fact, take some of that hard earned $5 save it up for about 7 days, take the $35 buy some high quality traffic to your squeeze page and get subscribers and sales.


I teach how inside of the Solo Ads Mastery which you can ONLY get access to inside of the VIP Club…

Get your hands on it here:

Isaiah Jackson

Your first is always the hardest

Think about it..

The first time you had sex.

The first time you got a job.

The first time you said I love you.

The first is always the hardest.

And the same can be said when it comes to making money online.

Making that first $1 is the hardest then making that first $10 or first $100.

Let me tell you something.

When you make that first $1 online or first few sales online, everything else after that becomes extremely easy.

I remember making my first few sales online while deployed overseas and let me tell you it was pretty damn hard.

I spent two weeks building up enough information and implementing what I was learning and on the 15th day I made a little over $68 inside my ClickBank account.

Thats when I knew it was real.

Making money using the Internet was a real thing, and ever since making money has been pretty damn easy.

But that only happens when you make that first sale… and I’ll show you how to do just that here:

Isaiah Jackson

How to make commissions while you sleep

So I woke up this morning to find that I made a handful of affiliate commissions while I was snoozing away the day.

What was really shocking was that the commissions came from a product I promoted 3 months ago.

Remember, I haven’t mailed for an affiliate offer since October.

Which leads me to believe the traffic that helped generate those sales came from one hack I talk about inside of my VIP Club.

The Caveman Traffic Hack.

Which is an extremely simple way to increase revenue in your online business as it did for me last night…

Another thing it does is increase the amount of subscribers I’ve been adding to my email list without paying a dime of my own money…

So in a sense it was free subscribers and free money.

And they say it takes money to make money.

Anyways you can get a glimpse of The Caveman Traffic Hack inside of the VIP Club today:

Once you use it, you’ll probably slap yourself for not using it earlier especially if you’ve been online for longer than 30 days.

Give it a shot and make some easy commissions:

Isaiah Jackson

Need cash?

Just spam YouTube videos with bullshit comments.

Seriously, who in the world is teaching this to people now a days?

People really think that spamming others youtube videos will make them sales online.

There is a much better and more efficient way to make ashoka online and it doesn’t involve spamming peoples videos on YouTube.

In fact you can turn YouTube into one hell of a money making machine if you know what you are doing but more on that in a few days.

In the meantime what I currently use YouTube for is to build my email list and you’d be surprised when I tell you that my most responsive email subscribers come from my YouTube videos.

Who in turn end up buying my products and services online.

Guess this whole list building thing really does work huh.

Anyways, I’ll share with you how to build a responsive email list both with and without YouTube but you can only access the training inside of the VIP Club so if I were you I’d jump in so you can start swimming in the commission pool waiting for you…


Isaiah Jackson

How to run your business from anywhere

True story.

I’m sitting here at the gym right now typing up this email to send to you and I can do this using my iPhone 7 Plus.

You see when you break your business down to the basics or just the things you need to run it, you can run your business from anywhere in the world as long as you have an active WiFi connection.

So what are the basics that you need:

Email AutoResponder

Squeeze page

A product to promote


That’s it.

You don’t need much to make money online and once you realize that making money online becomes as easy as counting 1…2….3.

Inside my VIP club I share with you how you can get started with everything I just mentioned for the lovely price of $Free.99 meaning it’s free to get started.

So become a member of the VIP club today so you can start making money online.

Isaiah Jackson