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How much do you really need to quit your job (NUMBERS INSIDE)

I get asked this question from time to time so I thought I’d answer it here.

The amount of money one would actually need to safely quit your job is…

Well it depends.

You would want to have at least 6-12 months worth of money saved up before you leave.

Meaning if your expenses and bills are up to $500/mo then you’d want to save between $3,000 and $6,000.

I call that a safely net.

How much do you need to make is up to the job you have.

Out here in Indiana the minimum wage is $7.25.

If you assume the average person gets about 32 hours a week.

The average person would need to make about $928 per month online to quit their job.

That works out to be about $30 a day.

Doable online.

100% doable online.

In fact if you were to do exactly what I told you to do starting today, using about 20% of the money you make at your job today you can turn it into that $900 a month in about 45 days easily.

I did it myself but thats for another email (or blog post, video or podcast).

So to get started with making that quit your job kind of money you got to get inside of here:

Isaiah Jackson

How did you become so successful?

I robbed the bank…


I didn’t rob anyone.

I set the mission to have my business generate a certain amount.

I worked my ass off until it became a reality.

Set a new mission.

Work my ass off until I accomplish the mission.

If anyone wants to know the secret to success its persistence.

Which a lot of newbies don’t have and unfortunately it can’t be bought or taught.

You just got to have it.

Anyways, to discover what I do in my online bidniz to make moolah online than you must check this out…

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See you inside,

Isaiah Jackson

I give up

I give up on this approach to make money online..

This is too hard..

I give up

Its not for me

I can’t make this work, I give up

I can’t do anything right, so I”ll buy another product that teaches how to do it all using “free resources”

These are the emails that I get from some subscribers and customers on a daily basis.

Just quit when things are getting hard, but fail to understand that if they just stick with it through this hard part that things will get better.

Its fact.

What is hard now will not be hard later, trust me I would know.

All it takes is a little bit of elbow grease, mental toughness and next thing you know you are kicking the door down trying to figure out what to do next.

This is why I made everything I do so simple that anyone could actually do it.

But only if you know how to do it… which is exactly what I show you how to do inside of the “club”

I’ll see you inside:

Isaiah Jackson

traffic, leads, conversions.. oh my

Ask any wanna be marketer whats the only thing that matters in business and they will probably say traffic.

Although traffic is important its not the end all to be all.

Ask any up and coming marketer and they will probably say leads and they would be extremely close.

Leads are amazing :-)

Ask any real marketer the same question they will tell you conversions are all that matters.

Meaning, did you make the sale?

You see you can’t pay your bills with traffic or leads, but you can pay your bills with the money you put into the bank.

However you can’t have one without the other so like I said before traffic and leads are important.

They help generate the sale and in most cases come before the sale is made.

The point?

To start making more moolah you want to focus your attention on things that come before the sale like getting traffic & leads.

Which is exactly what I’ll be showing you how to do inside of my VIP Club, which you can get started with for just a buck.

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Isaiah Jackson

Affiliate marketing is dead?

Really I had no idea that it was.

Guess that what happens when you decide to build your websites with the hopes of ranking them in the ol’ G.

One tweak and boom your traffic and commissions go down the drain.

Commission be gone.

There is a reason why I don’t teach SEO or how to “rank in Google” not that there is anything wrong with it, its just that most people want to do JUST that.

No exit strategy or backup plan in case something goes wrong which is a problem.

You can make money from ranking a website, but you can make waaaaay more money by doing something on that website that builds longevity in your business.

That thing?

Build the list duh.

Once you have that list the amount of money you can generate for your online business in pretty much endless.

And for the how-to of building a list and most importantly making more money with that list just click on the link below:

Isaiah Jackson

The Isaiah Jackson Rolodex

Have you ever wondered what these successful online marketers are using to build their online business?

I know I have an one point in my career so I decided to just give you the tools and resources that I myself personally use to build my online business.

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Isaiah Jackson


Thats how many visitors I got to my squeeze page and of that a little over 700 of them became new email subscribers.

And from them I made about $737.45.

I did this in about a week.


By having a high converting squeeze page that converts visitors into email subscribers.

Look, its important for you to even have a squeeze page but to have a page that converts at less than 40% is a problem.

It means you are missing out on a HUGE chance to get more leads and ultimately more customers for your business.

So here’s where I help you out:

Inside of my VIP Club I created a new course called Squeeze Page Mastery, which was designed to help you build an extremely high converting squeeze page quickly.

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Isaiah Jackson

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Is it really worth losing your business?

So I was inside of a FB group earlier this morning and saw that this guy was complaining about this $8 price point that he had to pay for the month to be apart of a popular marketing forum.

He went inside of PayPal and filed a dispute because he forgot to cancel his subscription, and worries that he will lose his PayPal account because he will most likely lose the dispute.

Boo freakin’ hoooo.

What a puss.

Who files a dispute for an $8 purchase?

I wouldn’t because I’m sure that $8 purchase could me making $800 that month or more.

All this to say, if you are the type to freak out over something small like an $8 subscription price than you have other things to worry about than making money online.

Like realizing that almost everything you buy for your business is an investment.

Not a purchase but an investment.

This Aweber account is an investment.

Buying traffic is an investment.

Paying for my domain and hosting account is an investment.

You can’t lose with those investments… I make way more during than month than I actually pay out for them.

Anyways if you’d like to know how I am using those “investments” than you should most def become member of the VIP Club where I breakdown whats working in my business in 2017!

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Isaiah Jackson

Binary options are the scum of the Internet

And I honestly would HATE to have any of my subscribers or customers fall of their tricks.

You see a lot of marketers out there are completely cool with promoting some crap to you if it makes them a sale.

Complete disregard to what it can do for you in your life, they don’t care they just want to make the sale.

On the surface it kind of makes sense because most binary options products will pay you from $250 up to about $500 CPA commissions.

You make one sale a day at $250 and you’d have a $90,000 yearly income, but it comes with a HUGE problem.

They will scam they hell out of the person that bought.

I’m not with that, which is why I don’t promote them.

To be honest with you, I would have a really hard time sleeping at night knowing that I just cashed out on a product knowing full well that it won’t get you the results you are looking for.

So I tend to stay away from them.

However, I will in fact tell you about what IS working for me online as of right now.

Its just one of the perks of being a VIP club member.

And if you’d like to see what exactly is working for me in 2017, then you should definitely become a member:

Isaiah Jackson

Why I Don’t Do New Years Resolutions

How and why did it become so popular to make New Years Resolutions and NOT see them through?

I can’t tell you how many people I know that have been making the same NYRs for the past 5 years.

Yeah, you know the people.

The people who say “this year is my year” whatever the hell that means.

Look if you aren’t going to stick with it then just keep your trap shut.


Here’s what I did instead, grab a pen and some paper for this one.

1) Brain dump everything you want to accomplish in life.

Not just this New Year crap but for the rest of your life just get it out there, start a clock for 10 minutes and write as much as you can don’t edit a thing.

2) On a new sheet of paper, make two columns. A what when well and what didn’t go well then write again for about 10 minutes.

I had things down on my list like emailing daily and showing my personality as what went well and things like product launches that didn’t go well.

3) Create your Yes and No list.

List out all the things you will say Yes to and the things that you will not stand for aka No list.

My Yes List:

Emailing daily with something to buy
Improving my self confidence with well everything
Focusing on my mission

My No List:

Talking down to myself
Product launches lol
Not spending time with myself

Just examples to help get you going.

4) Pick a word.

Re-read the last three pages until a word jumps out at you.

That will be your word of this year.

The word that jumped out at me and punched me in the face was commitment.

I am committed to bettering the lives of everyone I meet and have the pleasure of having a conversation with.

I am committed to helping my VIP Club members make more money online this year than they did last year.

Thats my commitment along with other things.

To become one of the people I help make more money online this year, you can do so by clicking the link below:

Have a great rest of the year,

Isaiah Jackson