What Two Internet Millionaires Told Me…

I shared this with someone earlier this morning, but decided that it was just too good not to share with anyone else. So what did the two internet millionaires tell me? Well if you keep reading this post you will quickly find out.

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Why I love making videos

In this post I am basically going to talk about why I love making videos. Well not really I have a few pictures to show you why I enjoy them so much. Click here to discover how to make your first $1,000 online… Well that is why I love making videos -Isaiah Jackson.

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One More Step Is All It Takes

Now I really don’t know if the title of this post came from a movie, someone famous, or anyone at all. But I do know where it came from for me. A dream. Yeah thats right it came from a dream. Can you say Inception lol Anyways, I guess I’ll talk about the dream here…

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