Follow the natural progression

The biggest mistake I see new-comers making when starting an email business is that they always start with traffic.

Everyone wants to get traffic I get it but its completely wrong to think about traffic first.

Most don’t even have an email capture page up.

You see the problem.

How would you build your email list with traffic if you don’t even have a way to get people to give you their email address?

Makes no sense.

So with that said you always follow the natural progression.

Meaning you start with choosing a hungry market that you want to get involved in. Not something that you just think is going to be profitable but something that you can easily talk about.

Then you move to creating “the hook” – which is the thing you give people to join your email list.

Traffic is the last thing to worry about.

It should come after you have everything set up.

The start of your email business doesn’t have to be perfect – but you got to at least get it going.

For more info on how to build a profitable email marketing business hop on over to the link below to get started:

Isaiah Jackson

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If all you did was this – you can make sales with email easier than ever before

And I know that sounds like some over-hyped claim.

But when I tell you that just making this simple shift in your marketing – you will find it extremely easy to make sales with every single email you send.

The point of building an email marketing business is to help people solve a problem they are currently having by offering them a solution that they must then pay for.

It is a business after all.

So by going after those (and only) those who want to invest in your solution – you will quickly see that you don’t really need to sell them on it.

You can throw up a checkout page and they would pull out there wallets right away.

This has nothing to do with some latest trick

Nothing to do with the latest “software”

Nothing to do with anything that just flat out won’t work.

Its a simple little shift in your marketing that once you make…

* Building your email subscriber list becomes extremely easy

* Making sales from the emails you send are effortless

* You enjoy engaging with your audience

* Plus a whole bunch more…

To make the marketing shift – hop inside of Email Villains for only $1 buck and watch the latest webinar recording;

Isaiah Jackson

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Do this before you start your email marketing business

I got off a webinar earlier.

Yes, I did a webinar today on the 4th of July.

And on the the most important activities you can engage in for your business would be to determine who you want to work with and who you don’t want to work with.

By that I mean…

What are the characteristics of the people you want on your email list, buying your products?

And on the other side of things – what are the characteristics of the people you you don’t want on your email list and buying your products or services?

Its something that can transform the way you build your email list, run ads, write sales copy, your videos and everything you do online.

I am going to be uploading the recording inside the Email Villains members area (where you will also discover some clever Facebook hacks so you can target the exact person you want involved in your business)

To get your hands on the recording of this powerful webinar – join Email Villains today for only a buck;

Isaiah Jackson

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How To Make A Full Time Income Using Email

How much do you think is needed to make a full-time income online?

The number is shocking.

Its not $10K.

Its actually less.

I’d say anywhere from $3k to $5k a month is considered full-time.

So how do you get there using email and email only.

Lets work backwards.

Goal is $5k a month.

We can do email marketing campaigns for businesses that don’t have them (sell packages up to 5 grand)

We can sell a 1k service to 5 online businesses (mostly ecom businesses)

We can sell a $500 service to 6 people (similar to my Fast Track Program –

Get 100 people to pay you $50 a month and you deliver them results.

Regardless of which you choose – its much easier to do when you have an email list.

Case in point – I once made $500 in a single day selling a 250 buck service that didn’t exist until two of my subscribers asked me for it.

Need another one?

I again sold a 997 coaching program (that also didn’t exist) to 3 of my subscribers.

These people were already on my email list – knew what they wanted – I gave it to them.

So if you truly want to create a full-time income – start building your email list and mailing it daily.

Watch what happens.

For more info on how to build a profitable email list head on over to Email Villains and get started:

Isaiah Jackson

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Fake News And How It Can Make You More Sales

A lot like the fake news that we see here on TV here in the states.

It’s all the same – and that’s the problem.

I watched a video a few days ago that showed every major news outlet and they were all saying the same thing.

Word for word.

Same words, same phrases and everything.

And just like the news it’s happening online as well.

The hype and swipe affiliates who are too lazy to write their own emails.

And what’s worse are the people that teach it.

I would know I use to be one of them – but not anymore.

My students and I have found that actually writing our own unique emails have produced more sales in our businesses.

And because of that I stopped teaching the hype and swipe way of doing emails.

Because what I do now is far more profitable in the long run.

Anyways don’t be another hype and swipe – copycat wanna-be marketer – and instead start standing on your own two feet and stand out in your niche

For the how-to on doing exactly that head on over to Email Villains and become a member:

Isaiah Jackson

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Daily Emails Versus Follow-Ups

During a live coaching call last night I was asked a great question.

“Which is better Isaiah, daily emails or a follow-up sequence”

This is something I actually answered in great detail inside of Email Villains – but I’ll give you the short version.

It depends.

In my experience with my online bidniz – I’ve successfully used both.

But regardless of the one you decide to use, the thing to remember is that you have to continue to add to them.

Meaning if you want to do daily emails…

You are going to have to send daily emails (duh)

If you wan to use a follow-up sequence…

You will have to continue adding emails to your follow-up sequence so you can keep making sales.

So which one should you pick?

Its a tough question to answer – however based on the training inside of Email Villains it should (and will) help you figure it out.

Hop inside now for a buck;

Isaiah Jackson

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Too Much Soy In Your Marketing

I watched this video late last night.

In the video there was a “beta” male – who allowed his girlfriend to hit him, talk trash to him, and things of that nature – right in front of his best friend (who didn’t say anything but recorded the whole thing so he could make a police report)

​​​​​​​The key here is that he allowed her to continue with such behavior.


Most likely because he felt like he “needed” her in his life to feel like he is worth something to other people.

​​​​​​​I see the same thing happening with most marketing campaigns.

Desperate to make more sales online they will rely on things like:

Dropping their prices

​​​​​​​Giving “free advice”

​​​​​​​Allowing their audience to dictate what they do in their business.

Guess we can call them “Beta Marketers” – you heard it here first.

​​​​​​​Look if you want to make more sales with your business you need to get out of the beta stage – stop being so needy in your marketing campaigns and emails.

In fact approach your business with the mentality that – you don’t care if someone buys your offer or not.

Its there loss – not yours.

​​​​​​​But you won’t get to that point overnight – I know I didn’t.

In fact it took me a little over two weeks to overcome the mindset – and inside of Email Villains I share with you how you can do the same.

Hop inside of Email Villains today to start making more sales with your online business:


Isaiah Jackson

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Annoying Your Friends Won’t Increase Sales

So I was browsing FakeBook earlier and saw that one of my “friends” was pitching this new MLM.

Well its not really new – its been around for a while but still.

Her thoughts on making sales?

Pitch the unwilling on “the dream” of being the own boss and things of that nature.

Looking into it – the person that got her in does the same thing. Just post on FakeBook about this “fake lifestyle” they are living.

​​​​​​​You see the problem?

Too many of these kinds of post – will have your account disabled for 30 days and that means no new “sales” for 30 straight days.

Plus you piss off your friends in the process so much that they don’t want anything to do with you.

Who wants that?

I know I don’t.

In fact its what most now successful marketers use to do back in the day and they will be the first to tell you that it didn’t work and that they lost friends.

The solution?

​​​​​​​Well you are reading it right now.

For the how-to on how to build an email marketing business that makes you sales head on over to the link below to get started:

Isaiah Jackson

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Here’s A Way To Make More Sales That Has Never Failed

No, it’s not dropping your price.

It’s not by giving away a bunch of free stuff.

It’s not about changing your headline in your ad (although that can help)

There is one media that has never failed to produce sales.

That media?


If you have an email list of active and engaged subscribers you can easily build several five, six, and seven figure businesses – with the same email list.

I personally know people who have built 3 or more seven figure businesses using one email list of subscribers.

So to make more sales with your business – just build an email list if active and engaged subscribers.

For the how-to on effective email list building – hop inside of Email Villains to get started:

Isaiah Jackson

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Disturbing Things I Do Home Alone On A Monday

No its not like that.

In fact I sit around making videos for my Email Villains.

But thats not all I do.

I actually spend a great deal of time studying my market.

Figuring out their most pressing problems, things that really bother them and keep them up at night.

For example;

The biggest problem that I see my market having – has nothing to do with online..

Has everything to do with their job.

A lot of them (you included) may have that dead end job that is zapping time away from your family and tugging at the freedom that you hope to have eventually.

News flash.

That freedom will never come.

Here’s why-

They say to retire at least here in the states you have be at least 65.

But who knows you will make it to 65?

So you got to act now to secure that “freedom” that you want but your job won’t give you.

For the how-to on how to create freedom from your job (which trust me you want to do first) then head on over to the link below and hop inside;

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. In video two of that course – you will see how to effectively create the freedom you truly want

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