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These Numbers Make No Damn Sense…

So while on the webinar last night I was breaking down why its important for you to know your numbers…

The key reason is because you can easily predict how to grow your online business.

Here’s an example:-

1,000 clicks for $350 (remember that)

Opt-in rate of 50% = 500 new subs

Now watch this magic.

20 sales at 17 = $340 (4% sales)
6 sales at 47 = $282 (31% sales)
4 sales at 97 = $388 (24% sales
1 sale at 497 = $497 (7% sales)

So from $350 in ad spend you would easily earn $1,507 :-)

These are my exact numbers.

Most of the sales come in 2 days.

But lets say this was you promoting this as an affiliate.

You would still earn $753 thus making more than you actually spent.

So if you wanted to double your bidniz in 30 days you would just double the amount you’d spend.

Easy huh?

Anyways, I break down how to get these crazy numbers inside of the Profit Mastery Club…

… You can become a member here:

Isaiah Jackson

How To Make More Sales While Still Being Cool

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

And one of the most profitable things I have ever done in my own online business was set myself apart from other marketers.

Not only did it build one hell of a bond with my subscribers and customers but it even allowed me to beat some “gurus’ at their own game.

By making more sales than them when it came down to promote a product as an affiliate.

But not only that…

I was able to still be seen as a cool dude to my email list.

In fact…

It worked so well that not only did I have a bunch of subscribers thanking me but most of them went on to ask me about other products that others were promoting and asked me for my own affiliate link.

For products I had no interest in promoting to begin with.

Now I’ve been out of the affiliate marketing game for a while now and don’t really have interest in promoting another how-to product that isn’t my own… but what I will tell you about is how I was able to build such celebrity and trust with my subscribers…

Its covered in Behind The Scenes 002 inside of the Profit Mastery Club

So if you are an active member inside of the Profit Mastery Club just hover on over the Behind The Scenes and discover how I did it.

If you aren’t a Profit Mastery Club, you are truly missing out…

So here’s a free lesson for you :-)

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Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

The Newbie Marketer Toolkit

So while teaching on a webinar yesterday I got asked a really great question from an attendee who asks:

“Isaiah, what tools would suggest for a newbie who is just getting started online”

Great question so I’ll answer like I did last night.

1. A hosting account.

Preferably one that comes with a free domain name.

2. An autoresponder account

One that is simple to use, and is enough to just get you started. No need to complicate this here.

3. Website builder.

A way to build your email list and make use of the above tools so far.

Now to see what I personally recommend I give away my 2017 online business cheat sheet to all Profit Mastery Club members.

Click here to join today

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t really need to complicate your business if you are just getting started… if you can get it down to the bare bones of what you need…

You’ll be just fine :-)

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

The True 10-Minute Work Day

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

And if you think working for about 10-15 minutes a day sounds like a stretch then you are in for a crazy surprise.

Its pretty easy to accomplish once you simplify your online business.

Here’s what a day looks like for me online:

1 – Write a daily email
2 – Get traffic

That’s the gist of my day right there.

Getting traffic is easy.

So most of my time is spent on writing the email (which when timed only took me about 5-7 minutes to complete.

You can imagine how much of my day is free for me to do other things huh?

Besides the webinars I do on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I really have a pretty short work-day.

The next time you hear someone bragging about how many hours they worked… question it a bit.

IF you also want to get your work day down to a least 1 hour here’s how you do it:

1 – Simplify as much of your business as possible

This can be done by getting rid of the things that no longer generate money for you or even by focusing on just ONE THING.

2 – Take a look at the Behind The Scenes Exclusives where I share with you how to get your work day down to at least 1-4 hours.

Get your hands on it over here

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

List Building Tips

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

And in this video I will share with you a few list building tips.

How many?

I honestly have no clue how many I’m going to give you but by the end of this video you will have enough that you can use RIGHT NOW and see an improvement in your business.


Isaiah Jackson

P.S. I cover much more of this inside of the Profit Mastery Club…

Go here for more details…

The Site Ahead Contains…

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

So I was checking out some of my emails earlier and saw something interesting happen to everyone whose list I am on.

If they are promoting any products on a “certain affiliate network” I got hit with a security message that says:

“The site ahead contains malware”


That must suck.

I’m sure the products they are promoting are “legit” but hey I don’t know.

I can only imagine whats going to happen to my inbox later today…

I am going to get several emails from the “email affiliate club” talking about the latest and greatest product (which will of course be different from the product last week)


Talk about doing people a disservice.


The only “product” I’ll be promoting are the ones that I create.

And I create a new one every single month…

…however they aren’t available to the public (and probably never will be)


They are exclusive to my Profit Mastery Club family.

The product that released this month?

Short Email Mastery – catchy name since this doesn’t look like a short email lol

Anyways because I’m in a great mood and I believe in actually serving your audience (treating them like family)

I am going to give you access to Short Email Mastery (and my Profit Mastery Club)

Go here for details…

Talk soon

Isaiah Jackson

The Best Kind Of Products To Promote


Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

And while I was teaching a webinar last night it occurred to me that most “newbies” who are just getting started with building a profitable online business have no clue what to promote to their audience (or lack of..)

So today I’m going to give you my best advice on choosing what to promote.

Stop searching for products to promote and pay attention to what you already are using.

For example if you are using an autoresponder company like Aweber then you know its important to build a list so start promoting that (assuming you use it)

Same goes for things like Hosting.

Everyone needs a hosting account if they want to build a website, so promote the hosting company you are using.

Speaking of building a website.. you can also promote what you are using to build out your own website (either a theme or a plug and play kind of deal like ClickFunnels)

No need to make this any harder than what it needs to be.

The only question is how?

Lucky for you inside of the Profit Mastery Club.. I share with you exactly how you can go about promoting anything you want in the latest course which you can ONLY get your hands on inside of the Profit Mastery Club.

Head over here to grab it:


Isaiah Jackson

Are You Really Doing The Work?

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

Quick question for you… are you really getting “work” done online?

And I use the word “work” very loosely.

Because just being on your computer and watching a few YouTube videos… can’t really be called “work”

What did you actually get done?

What I’m finding from the people I actually as this question too is that they really aren’t doing anything to grow their online business.


“Well, I watched XYZ video training”

But did you do anything with it?

Why do I bring this up?

Because the biggest cause of overwhelm online is not just from people buying product after product…

… but it comes from people NOT doing anything with what they currently have and because of that nothing gets done.

They look back years later asking themselves:

“What happened?”

The solution?

Go do something that will build your online business.

Don’t know where to start?

Head on over to the link below and get started today:

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

Why I Don’t Do Facebook Ads

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

In this video I share with you why I don’t currently use FB ads to build my email list…

Now there is nothing wrong with Facebook Ads, nothing at all however once you understand my reasoning for not using them it will make any traffic getting efforts you are attempting much easier


Isaiah Jackson

Why You Should Get A Mentor

In this early morning video Isaiah Jackson shares with you why you should get a mentor or personal trainer…

Note this has nothing to do with fitness but was used as an easy to understand example.


Isaiah Jackson