Isaiah Jackson

List Building Specialist

Excuses, excuses, excuses

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’m broke.” “I have a mountain of debt.” “I’ve been ripped off.” “My partner just left me.” “I’m too busy.” “I have to hold down a job.” “I don’t have time.” “I don’t have the experience.”

The internet marketing battlefield is awash with the corpses of excuse-riddled wannabes who chose to play the victim rather than fight the good fight.

You think you’ve got a struggle in your life right now?

Join the club.

Every successful person in every walk of life has had all these problems and probably more.

The difference is – they choose to become a Champion rather than a victim.

A Champion takes responsibility for their circumstances.

A Champion knows they can’t always change what’s around them but they can always change how they react to what’s around them.

A Champion gets knocked down but gets up again as many times as it takes.

A Champion loses everything at least once but still rises to the top.

A Champion recognizes failure as another essential step on the way to victory.

A Champion does whatever it takes to succeed without listening to the naysayers, the negative nellies and the self-doubt in their own heads.

A Champion takes action.

To be a Champion you need your own product and while creating your own from scratch is the best way it’s fraught with stress, costs, lengthy learning curves and uncertainty.

Investing in PLR (Private Label Rights), however, gets you your own product in a heartbeat.

It’s the ultimate shortcut to earning decent income online.

But finding good quality PLR is like finding hen’s teeth.

So when I heard about these guys giving away their complete library of PLR products for a one-time, low investment (they usually charge monthly) I had to tell you about it.

You can make excuses or you can make money.

You can’t make both.

The money is waiting for you here;

This normally costs $67 per month but I’ve secured you this special one-time, one-off payment deal.

Plus – for buying through my link you’re also getting this special free bonus;

“The Customer Magnet” – the 171-page bestselling book from millionaire marketer Michael Cheney which normally retails for $19.99.

I almost destroyed my iPhone 6 Plus…

Because of this:

The damn phone wouldn’t shut up.

Hours upon hours.

Minutes upon minutes.

Seconds upon seconds.

Notification after notification.

It just wouldn’t stop.

So just as I was getting ready
to throw my phone against a
wall, I decided to check to see…

First sale for $9.95

Second sale for $9.95

Third sale for $36.50

Fourth sale for $7.65

Fifth sale for $6.50

Sixth sale for $48

Seventh sale for $48

$160.05 using this:

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Frank Kern

Or any of his “guru” friends…

Now I have nothing against Kern, in fact I think he is a brilliant marketer and have learned a lot from him..


There are 3 big reasons why you shouldn’t listen to him right now..

#1. He is teaching a complicated business model (something that a newbie couldn’t use)

#2. Its not newbie friendly (you would have to know what you are doing to succeed)

#3. Have to have an existing business (meaning you would have to create your own product line)

So, I wouldn’t do anything he says right now at least not yet.

What I suggest is you take a more simplified approach.

Lucky for you I have found something that will make your journey to help you make money online easier

Which you will be able to get access to tomorrow

However you should still sign up to secure your spot.

Isaiah Jackson

Its The Online Income Apocalypse

And it is killing those who still want to make money online.

I remember when I first got started.

I was deployed overseas and didn’t have much of anything at the time.

I mean I was overseas, serving the country so I really thought it was impossible for me to make any money online. . .

But when I did I got to tell you.

It was one of the most amazing feelings.

It was December 31, 2010

I was getting off the plane to go on leave which is similar to a two-week vacation.

Once I got home I just wanted to relax before the New Year parties started. . .

Until I remembered I didn’t have a cell phone when I got home lol

So I couldn’t tell anyone I was home. . .

Plus all the stores were closed. . .

So I got on Facebook and told my closest friends that I’m home. . .

And that I’ll see them tomorrow

Then I went to bed.

Jet lag got me lol

Then I woke up and decided to check my account

I logged in and saw sales.

I made $69.19

Best part.

I made those sales within 10 minutes of getting on the plane to come home.

So why am I telling you this?

Look, making money online may seem to be getting harder to do.

But if I was able to do it in a place that made it impossible..

Then I know you can do it also.

So how do you do it?


Make the decision that you will make money online.. do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Here is something that will help you, but be warned its not open yet..

It will be available in 2 days on March 3rd.

Sign in now to secure your spot.

To Making Money Online,

Isaiah Jackson

The Dress Is Not White And Gold

Or black and blue

Or blue and gold

The dress is green and green

Why green?

It’s money.

I chose the color of the
dress and I say green.

Grant Cardone once said:

“Money is the currency of choices”

Meaning if you have money
you have a lot of choices

If you don’t have money, your
only choice is to go make money.

Speaking of making money.

I found a really cool way to do
that, check it out below:

Go make some money,

Isaiah Jackson

Slow And Steady Wins The Race Is Bullshit

True story.

If you want to succeed online you will have to move fast.

None of this slow nonsense.

Those that are too slow to move will get left behind.

What am I talking about?

You taking action on something the moment you find out about it.

Learn a new strategy that will increase your opt-in rate?

Implement it now.

Don’t wait.

Do it now.

Say yes to every damn thing.

Look if you aren’t succeeding online yet, its probably because you keep saying no to things.

My suggestion.

Do the little things.

They will add up.

And when they do you will have more leverage.

As Gary Vaynerchuk once said “one is greater than zero”

Go watch this short video to see for yourself what I mean:

Isaiah Jackson

All My Posts SUCKED Before And This Is How I Fixed Them

Literally every post I made on Facebook was terrible. . .

I mean my posts were so damn vague that its no wonder why people wouldn’t engage with me. . .

I would say things like:

Post #1. I’m so gone.

That was a post I made on the good old Facebook lol


Yes, I know.

Now my posts are getting much more engagement and when I shared how I found out about this with some people I knew they were shocked. . .

Moral of the story?

Don’t post vague posts on Facebook.

But instead start posting more engaging kinds of posts and yes they will help you make money if done the right way which you can learn more about here:

Isaiah Jackson.

5 Things You Should Never Do When Posting Anything On Facebook

I’ve seen some pretty terrible posts and emails online so here’s a quick guide to avoiding the 5 biggest mistakes:

#1. Don’t use all caps in your messages as it gives people an impression that you are yelling at them (there’s a much better way to get peoples attention)

#2. Don’t format your posts like this email, which will just scream promo (there’a a hidden free tool that will help solve this)

#3. Don’t post vague messages that will get no response (the goal is to engage with others not be boring)

#4. Don’t assume people want to hear from you because they follow you.. (sounds a bit crazy but I had this guy send me some stuff because he felt like I wanted to buy from him)

Which leads me to my last point:

#5. Don’t spam your followers with junk (it will quickly annoy anyone who is viewing your posts, but there is something else you should do instead).

Find out all the things you should be doing when posting on Facebook, so you can start creating engaged posts and thus make more money with them here:

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

(Video) How I Challenged My Fear, Won And How You Can Do The Same

Every single day of our lives, regardless of where we are in life we will experience fear in one shape or another.

I once experience fear a few days ago and in this video I am going to be sharing with you how I was able to tackle that fear.

The #1 Way To Defeat Fear…

Before I go into how you can exactly defeat your fear I want to share with you an image I posted on my Twitter page…

That is the #1 way to defeat fear

Take it as a sign that you are moving in the right direction.

So keep pushing forward because something good will come out of it.

Just keep pushing.

To Defeating Fear,
Isaiah Jackson

Personal Message From Isaiah Jackson…

Hey, its Isaiah Jackson –

I just wanted to email you today, to tell you
about some things that will most likely occur
to you this new year…


You see it seems that a lot of people in my
immediate surroundings have decided to do
this thing called a New Years Resolution…

– I want to stop drinking
– I want to lose weight
– I want to make more money
– I want to quit my job
– I want to get married
– I want be happy

Etc, etc..

Now these are all fine and dandy but my
problem with all of them is that the people
making them decided to start today (New Years Day)

Meaning they waited the other 365 days before
to decide to make a change in their lives which
is a problem….

Don’t you think?

If you want to something, why will you wait
to get it?

If you can make the change now, why don’t

Now this isn’t a personal attack on you. No,
not at all. But I say that to prove a point.

What will happen when things get hard for
those people?

Will they stand strong and stick to it?


Will they fall down, never to try again?

Hopefully the first option.

I call this year “Take Control Of My Life”

For the next 364 days of this year, I am and
would want you to take control of your life
and circumstances.

No more waiting for the right time…

The time is now to make a difference in
your life, so go out and do it.

Failure is not an option.

Take no shit from no one.

Its your life you live it the way you want.

Take control of what is truly yours.

Turn your resolution into a life long goal
and make everyday a day where you get
closer to achieving that goal.

Why your resolution and not some other


Because your resolution is going to make
the BIGGEST impact on your life and when
it does your life will never be the same.

Take control of your life.

Happy New Years to you and your family.

May this year, be the year where you achieve
everything you put your mind too.

Talk soon,
– Isaiah Jackson.

PS. I’m told that I have to include a link inside
of every email I send. Hey, I didn’t make the rules
the goo-roos did lol so here I will include a link
to my product Breakthrough Commissions

Which I will tell you more about why I most
likely won’t release another product in a future