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Its your body, you tell it what to do

So while I was at the gym earlier I had the pleasure of dealing with someone who has had some crazy life experiences.

New heart
New Lung

The kid barely has complete control of the left side of his body, so I was bit shocked when his grandfather asked me to help him out with some thing.

Walks with a limp but can walk.

Can’t really grab anything with his left hand because its extremely stiff… so I had him do bicep curls with a weight of his selection using his left side.

The words I kept saying to his was “Its your body, you tell it what to do… not the other way around”

Fired him up a lot.

So what does this have to do with you and your business?

A lot.

But the most important thing to remember that it is your business… you do what you have to do to make it succeed.

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Isaiah Jackson

Commission knights in bright shining armor

Are not here to come save you.

In fact..

They are only here to prove to those who want to make moolah online that its possible.

But like I mentioned a few days ago that it takes the right kind of mindset for it all to work.

Anyways, I wear the armor of the commission knights nice and proud.

But I didn’t always… until I started following a proven system for getting results.

After that, hello commissions.

So I want to allow you into the commission knights… but you would have to make affiliate commissions first to get in…

And for the how-to on how to do just that, check this out:

Isaiah Jackson

Stop talking about the future and start working towards the future

Here’s what I mean by that.

It seems that a lot of folks my age talk about wanting to build a bidniz or these huge goals…

But they don’t do a damn thing.

All they do is talk.

Last I checked talking got nothing done.

So if you are a talker… regardless of your age.

Replace talk with work.

Stop talking about the future and start working towards the future you want to create.

Fastest way to do that is to get some moolah in your pockets.

For the how-to on how I do just that, click that link below:-

Isaiah Jackson

Watch Issued: Drowning Newbies In The Sea of Empty Bank Accounts

So if you spot one, you got two options.

Throw them a life line and lend them a hand.


You keep to yourself and make room for those who you want to look after.

Look, there are two types of people in this world.

Those with an investor mindset and those with a buyers mindset.

The investor – looks at the things he purchases for his business and uses it to grow.

The loser (buyer) – looks at the things he buys doesn’t use it, immediately requests a refund for said thing.

Which one are you?

I can tell you right now that if you think only like a buyer… you would be better off with a job.

However, if you have that investor mentality then this is something that will work for you:-

Isaiah Jackson

The one emotion that will build your business…

There seems to be a shortage of this emotion now a days when it comes to the marketing space.

And those that have it end having the BEST relationships with their customers and subscribers.

What is it?


You have to not only love what you do but also love the people who are involved.

I know love is a strong word so I’ll make this a bit easier for you.

Give a damn’

You MUST give a damn’ about the people in your industry (or involved in your bidniz)

You MUST give a damn’ about what you do every single day.

Tap into that and it will show in everything else you do.

Speaking of giving a damn’

I give a damn so much that I find that I need to tell you about this again.


I created it.

My name is attached to it.

It works (I do it every single day)

Find out what I’m talking about here:-

Isaiah Jackson

This can land me in the junk folder

So I went out to eat earlier today (which explains why you are getting this email so late) and the lady at the counter was like “Can you please sign this piece of paper for me”

My response:

Sure, need anything else, phone number, winning lottery numbers.. we both laugh and then we part ways.

Now how could that land me in the junk folder…


The subject line I wanted to use contained my response we will just say W.L.N.

Anyways, the point of this email is to illustrate how you can easily turn anything you do, see, or hear into an email that makes you sales.

While I was eating I came up with about 15 or so topics to write future emails about.

Next is just creating the emails… which he will show you how to do inside…

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. And if you don’t have an email list, no worries because you can use what he teach to easily build an email list :-)

Why you should be selfish (real life lessons)

Question for you:

Would you rather go do chores around the house because someone asked you too?


Do a webinar with your subscribers and customers?

Hopefully its the second option.

Because anything other than doing what you want to do is just unacceptable.

Now of course the person asking you to do said thing is going to fire back at you for being selfish.

However who is really selfish?

You are serving your customers and subscribers because you want too and the other person wants you to live your life the way they want you too.

The lesson here is:-

“Always place YOU first”

Whatever it is you are doing… whether it be your health or wealth.

Make YOU the priority.

Everything else must come second to you, there is only one YOU so take care of you.

Moving on…

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Isaiah Jackson

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Why I don’t need affiliates

So lets get to the point at hand.

Why I don’t need affiliates is pretty simple when you think about it.

I enjoy putting my moolah to do the work for me.

Meaning I don’t have to stress out over getting people to promote my products, I can just throw some cashola into getting traffic.

Plus I don’t want just ‘anyone’ promoting my products.

In fact the only way I would have someone promote any of my products would be if they bought them.

Reason being is so that they can talk about the product as if it were their own. Take pride in it. Therefore make money with it :-)


A lot of people have been asking me how they could promote the funnel that I used to generate over a thousand bucks with.

You have your answer.

But to better explain how I’m able to do it now (either with my own products or a different one) you can get your hands on it here:-
Isaiah Jackson

Why you should be careful with what you promote online…

I was watching a video from two people I look up too a few minutes ago and they mentioned something really interesting.

One of them brought up why they didn’t want be apart of the “affiliate club” and one of the reasons was because he wanted to build a brand.

He had a vision for his company and he was going to stick to that vision.

So why in the world should you be careful with what you are promoting?


Most people apart of the “affiliate club” will promote ANYTHING to their audience for the sake of a commission.

Meaning most lists you are probably on will pitch you crap, knowing its crap, offer you crap, while they make diamonds.

Worse if you use your own name as a personal brand.

Your name gets attached to what you promote so if you promote crap you are then guilty by association and will be viewed as crap.

Anyways, you know me by now.

I don’t promote crap.

Got to protect my name.

Which means I take business seriously.

And you should too.

Also, if you don’t have an email marketing business and would love to know how to build one and why…

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Isaiah Jackson

Don’t believe the hype

Be the hype.

Silly right?

I was training a client earlier today and that was something that I had said to her as she was going through what I’d like to call an Acid Burn.


One of the things she kept saying was about how she couldn’t continue which was a lie but still its important.

You see when I say don’t believe the hype I really mean you shouldn’t believe your own bull$hit.

One way to do that is to do like my clients do who hire me to train them.

Find someone who knows what they are talking about.. do what they tell you.. get results.

Now, you could hire me to help you build your online business buuuut that would cost you close to $1K so instead you can just take a look at a cheaper alternative…

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Isaiah Jackson