Mindless Newbies Need Help

Its sad really.

Mindless zombie like newbies who want to “earn a full time income” doing nothing.

You can’t even earn full time income working a job doing nothing – so what makes you think you will be able to do it without putting some work in.

As one of my readers Clarence said:

“There are many ways to make money online but they all have one thing in common – hard work. There’s no such thing as a free meal.”

You want something you go to put the work in.

The only question is are you mindlessly doing things that make no sense or are you following a proven formula for getting results?

I’m talking something that goes from Point A to Point Z.

Sure, the path to getting to Point Z may have you taking turns, hitting bumps along the way but its worth it.

If Point A isn’t where you want to be right now and Point Z is – don’t you think it would be worth a little bit of hardship to get there? Take a little bit longer to get there? I sure as hell think so.


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Isaiah Jackson

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What I would do if I was starting over

Often times I get asked what I would do if I were to start over – of course with no money, no list, or anything.

So buckle up because this could get long.

1 – Get a job

Got to keep the bills paid right? What better way to do that then to get a job – more so I would work the night shift so I can take the morning to work on my business (more on that later)

2 – Sell anything that doesn’t generate revenue on eBay or Craigslist

I’m talking TVs, computers, laptops, game consoles, cell phone, text books, I would just go around the house selling pretty much everything I don’t need.

3 – Garage sale arbitrage

Go to garage sales and buy up stuff with the extra money I’m making from eBay and the new jobbie job and repeat #2.

4 – Once I have about 200 green ones I would start up and learn how to use a WordPress site to build my list and promoting other peoples products

Got to learn how to build a site right?

5 – Start meeting up with local businesses and start offering them website building services.

Start small to get my feet wet, and then start going big with the pricing – outsourcing when I have too many clients.

6 – Leverage my personal site that I originally started (and should by now getting results with) to get bigger clients and charge more – outsourcing the client getting process as well or run a few FB ads.

7 – By the time I get to this step I should have a pretty decent sized email list – where I would have been emailing them daily to other peoples products – eventually getting to the point where I can dump the client work and just do email marketing.

The crazy thing is… I’ve actually done this.

A few years ago – and let me tell you when you see your income jump from like 800 bucks to about 2k a month in a month – you know you are working your a$$ off.

Moving on to bidniz;

Get your hands on this 100% free email list building crash course by clicking on the link below:


Isaiah Jackson

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Challenge not accepted

I was browsing FakeBook earlier and saw a very interesting challenge being issued to a great marketer.

The challenge came from someone who has no skin in the online game – claimed that he sent the same challenge to everyone, even the top dawgs – and wanted to see everything involved in the challenge documented so they can copy and learn from.

So I did some probing.

By asking one question…

Has the person issuing the challenge actually done it himself.

They answer was no.

You see the problem?

Scared pantless newbies thinking they are going to embarrass someone who put some skin in their online business – trying to get people on their side (for their lack of results online).

Challenge not accepted.

I’m not documenting how I’m building my online business – unless people are paying for it – but thats just me.

Anyways, I want to give you access to my list building crash course 100% free.

Click the link below to get your hands on it:


Isaiah Jackson

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How to get 10x results in less time (produce sales like crazy)

You know what sets the people that get results in their business from those that don’t?

Its their ability to get more done.

Here’s what I mean;

Someone who is just getting started online will pick up my Email Villains and not get results with it for one reason and one reason only…

Failure to put forth the effort to get results.

They will spend too much time “learning” and not actually “doing” – its sad.

On the flip side…

Someone who wants to get the results they are looking for will pick up Email Villains – go through week 1 and put things into place as he is learning.

We call it Earning while Learning.

It speeds up the process.

An example…

Back when I got my first business coach – it was a 10 week curriculum (which cost me roughly two grand) – so as soon as I jumped in I started implementing right away.

Knocked three weeks worth of stuff in three days.

By my fifth day into the program I had earned $152.25 – a long shot from the two grand I invested but it was progress to say the least.

Back when I was doing one-on-one coaching a client Janet had made her first $150 online within three days simply from putting things into place so quickly.

Moral of the story: To get the results that you are truly looking for in your email business – start putting things into to place as you learn about them. For a step by step approach on what it is you have to do get your hands on this List Building Mastery course for a buck:


Isaiah Jackson

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The truth about solo ads (and other traffic sources)

They are all a scam the newbies yell.

No seriously – that is all I keep seeing when I browse the forums and FakeBook now a days.


Because people are actually teaching that you can go out and buy 50 clicks and if you don’t make sales right away then the traffic you got is a scam.

I mean come on.

You can’t seriously expect to make sales from just a measly 50 clicks right?


Look – I don’t know who is teaching people this stuff but obviously they got no damn clue.

Okay fine here is the truth.

Solo ads or any other traffic source are NOT used make you money.

Yep, thats right.

Solo ads and other traffic sources serve a different purpose.

To get people on your email list.


That is all they are used for.

It is your job once they are on your email list to convert them into paying customers – and a lot of newbies actually struggle to do that (and I can’t blame them with all these snowflake like experts online now a days who watched a video but haven’t done anything themselves).

There is a reason why my previous coaching clients and current Email Villains will get results – its because they understand how to build an email list effectively.

And you know what? That’s exactly what I teach inside of Email Villains – how to build a profitable email business from scratch in 8 week so or less even if you’re a complete beginner. To discover how you can do the same, click the link below:


Isaiah Jackson

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Everyone is full of crap online

This email was a long time coming.. but enough is enough.

I was browsing a forum and some FakeBook groups the other day – what I saw was really disturbing.

I saw folks who were begging for ways to make sales online, struggling to keep their bills paid – while advertising how to make money online?

People contacted me asking to get access to Email Villains for free so that they can start generating an income online – while posting in groups talking about how they are making an income online.

Shaking. My. Head.

This has to be a joke right?

Unfortunately its not.

Its happening right now as you read this very email.

Just a quick browse of any popular forum and you will see it.

Here’s what I just found…

“What is the best way to make money online?” and the guy is advertising a free report on how to get rich selling other peoples products.

Another one?

“How do I drive traffic to my squeeze page in 2017” while advertising a free download on the truth on how to make money fast and easy starting right now in 8 simple steps.

What. The. Hell.

These are the people that newbies online buy from – hoping to make a quick buck online when the person who advertised the crap can’t even do it themselves.

And it gets worse.

Mucho worse.

Product creators are now doing the same crap.

Selling the newbie a wet dream that won’t feel like the real thing when they wake up to reality.

In other words seeing you crap that they know will never work.

Makes it worse are the people the decide to promote the crap – makes you question everyone in the industry.

Lesson here;

Assume everyone is full of crap (even me) until proven other wise.

Before taking off, one more thing: Email Villains could get me in a bit of trouble. Not the kind of trouble you maybe thinking but the kind of trouble that could make the “I promote crap club” made at me. I think a lot of those with sticks up there commission would love to see it taken off the web. Take a look for yourself here:


Isaiah Jackson

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Why I don’t do client work anymore

Look I’m all for helping someone change their lives.

I’ve seen it happen and have even done it.

But there are a few reasons why I don’t really do it anymore – at least online I don’t.

Here are a few for you to chew on:

1 – Scale

It can become a challenge to scale a client based business (unless of course you are charging an insane amount on a monthly basis)

2 – No show

Imagine this.

Someone decides to give you $10,000 for consulting – but doesn’t answer your phone calls, emails, Skype messages, or even FB messages over the course of 14-30 days.

What would you do?

If you are anything like me, you’d give the money back – because the person was a no show and the last thing you want is a case against you.

3 – Boss like mentality

Some people seem to think that they can bend you to their will when they give you cash. Even disrespect you just to get you to do something they want you to do.


Those are just three reasons on the top of my head for not doing client work.

Crazy – because it seems that everyone and their mother is pitching some new “consulting” based offer.

How would you like to get paid like a consultant but not have a single client?

The GOOD news is I teach members how to do exactly that inside of Email Villains – by building a sales generating email list so you don’t have to worry about getting clients. Get more details below;


Isaiah Jackson

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Why you should build an email marketing business

Below I am going to list some of the reasons why I started my email marketing business.

1. Its scalable

Meaning by simply adding more subscribers to your email list you can expect to make more sales.

2. Its personal

You can say what you want via email and not really be penalized for it unlike on some other forms of communication.

3. Its wildly profitable

Like I mentioned in point #1 – since adding more subscribers to your email list can increase sales – you aren’t stuck with a one time only sale.

You can simply write up a quick email (this one took 5 minutes) to your subscribers offering them a solution to a problem they are currently having.

And you can do this every single day for the rest of your life.

But here’s the good news you can get started with building your email marketing business even if you are brand spankin’ new. You can get started today. In fact you can join Email Villains where I walk you through how to build a profitable email marketing business in 8 weeks or less;


Isaiah Jackson

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1 email list. 1 offer. Made daily.

Thats all you really need to build a email marketing business that generates sales on a consistent basis.

The key here is “1 offer” not several.

I’m not picking on anyone who wants to do affiliate marketing – I think its a great way to get your feet wet with making sales.

But eventually you would want to create your own offer that you truly stand behind because your name is attached to it.

Think about it like this-

You could say whatever it is that you want when promoting your own stuff.

When promoting other people stuff not so much.

1 offer made daily will show your email subscribers that you firmly believe in what you are promoting and selling.

Why else would you promote it?

On a related note – its why I keep suggesting you become a member of Email Villains I practice what I preach every single day (and the results I get show for it). So hop inside and start building your own sales generating email marketing business today;


Isaiah Jackson

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You are guaranteed to fail because of this

Not doing enough.

You still treat your list building efforts like a hobby instead of something that you make you sales in the long run.

This is a problem and to paint the picture I’ll give you a gym example I had the pleasure of seeing this morning.

Today I watched a guy squat 225lbs 10 times.

Then left.

Not leave to do something else but left the gym.

The problem?

He could have easily did more weight, more reps, more leg work.

Put another way its like me asking you to do 10 pushups when you can do 50 or more. The 10 pushups won’t even be a challenge for you – and the same thing goes for business.

Do something that is going to challenge you to grow.

One of my mentors said what took it from earning $5k a month in sales to over $10k a month – was the fact that he was spending an uncomfortable amount of money to grow is email list and business.

So when building your email list – start doing things that make you uncomfortable – because who knows it may be all you need to see explosive results.

I talk about this a lot inside of Email Villains which you can get your hands on by clicking the link below;


Isaiah Jackson

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