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Why putting your mask on first makes you more money

You’ve been on an airplane before right?

I know I have.

Every single time I get on one, they do their little safety briefing.

They always tell us passengers to “put your mask on first then you can help others put their mask on”

That has to be the best piece of advice I’ve ever heard because not only does it apply to being on the plane but it also applies to other areas of your life as well.

Put yourself first, then you can help others.

Here’s what I mean:

Want to be in a long lasting loving relationship?

Love yourself first, then you can work with someone else.

Want to take better care of your kids?

Work on yourself first, then you can help your kids.

Want to help others get in better shape?

Work on yourself first, then you can help others.

And the same thing goes for your online business.

By working on your business first before anything else, giving it the first hour of everyday strange things begin to happen in your business.

Strange yet amazing things.

You find yourself getting more subscribers on your list.

You find yourself making more money than you have before.

You find yourself building your business with absolute ease.

So its absolutely critical that you put your mask on first so that you can easily build your online business.

A great place to get started would be inside of my VIP Club where I walk you through the how-to of making money online even if you’re a complete beginner…

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Isaiah Jackson

Does little Timmy need a new wagon?

So its close to Xmas time here in the States.

Around this time a lot of things start to happen online.

Some people see a huge boost in sales while others see a huge boost in refunds.

Lets not talk about the sales but talk about the refunds today.

Why do you see a huge boost in refunds?

Well, its probably because little Timmy needs a new wagon and the only way for most people to get him that new wagon would be to refund the information product they bought…

Which if they just took action on that product, they would be able to buy Timmy a bunch of new wagons.

And thats what you can expect to happen when you take action on the things you buy.

Never confuse you buying stuff with taking action… because its not.

So here’s what I recommend you do.

Get inside of my VIP Club.

Once inside you’ll get access to these trainings:

Affiliate Jumpstart, Money Pages, and Daily Email Inception…

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One shows you how to build a list in less than 24 hours and (new) Daily Email Inception shows you how to make money from that list you just built.

Do exactly what I show you and you will be buying Timmy a bunch of new wagons… hell you might as well buy Timmy’s friends a wagon as well with the amount of commissions you’ll make online.

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Isaiah Jackson

How to lose thousands of dollars with 8 simple words

I recently got an email from a customer who was going to lose thousands of dollars worth of valuable information.

The email contained 8 stupid words… the words:

“I want a refund because I can’t login”

Excuse me?

You have got to be kidding me lol

Who the hell request a refund having not even seen the content inside the members area.

You paid $1 and all you had to do was ask for me to reset your login details and I would have easily done that for you.

But no the guy decides to request a refund.

Anyways, I assure the guy that his login details are in fact working and that I won’t send him a refund just because he can’t login.

No way Jose.

So whats the moral of this story?

Don’t lose thousands of dollars by saying such silly things.

And to also demonstrate how easy it is to create a profitable email from just using what people say to you.

Its easy and once you start doing it, you’ll probably be mad at yourself for not doing it before (I know I am)

To learn the how-to of creating profitable emails that are fun to write (and fun to read) then hop on inside of the VIP Club today:

Isaiah Jackson

Go Isaiah it’s your birthday

So today is my birthday and I’m in a good mood (aren’t I always lol)

And the number one question I got asked all day yesterday was:

“Isaiah, what do you want to do for your birthday?”

Great question just terrible timing.

All I want to do is sit back and relax.

You know sit at my desk write up a few emails and make some money then continue with the rest of my day.

And I am going to be releasing some training over the next few days on how I do just that… this is the training that you can only get access to by being a member of my VIP Club.

So yeah, I don’t really want to do anything too crazy for my birthday today…


The only crazy thing I can think of is giving you access to this new training…

For only 1 buck

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Isaiah Jackson

P.S. I turned 25 today! That’s like old now. 25 with the maturity of a 60 year old… or so I’m told by other 60 year olds.

Anyways hop on inside of the VIP Club, I got some valuable training waiting for you inside…

How to get people so addicted to you they will sell their kids

Not just your products but you as an individual.

People just do what you say without question.

People will follow you around as if you were Moses.

People will fight for you as if you were Donald Trump running for office.

Things just happen.

So the question is how?

How do you get people so addicted to you that they are willing to go to jail just to support you.


Ruthless Consistency.

Doing something every single day until people have no choice but to pay attention.

For example…

Got a YouTube channel? Make a video every single day.

Know PewDewPie? He made a video every single day sometimes more… he is now the top earner on YouTube.

Want to build a profitable online business?

Show up every single day as if your life depended on it because it does.

And one of the easiest ways to get people addicted is to send an email every single day.

So this month inside of my VIP Club I am going to be showing the process I go through to write these drug email addicting emails.

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Isaiah Jackson

Struggling to make money online? Here’s Why..

Because if you are it really boils down to a few things that are going wrong.

Its similar to when I ask my PT clients if they are struggling to lose weight and build muscle.

In fitness its either your nutrition or your training.

In your online business its either your traffic source or the product you are promoting.

But there is another problem that only you can solve…

Your ability to take action.

Actually do something.

Something that will help fix both your traffic problem and your conversions problem.

Fix them both and you will begin to see results online.


Easy, just head on over here:

Its the solution that you have been waiting for.

Isaiah Jackson

Cry baby marketers need to eat dirt

It seems like every week there is a cry baby marketer who is quick to talk about what is going on in the market place based on how they are feeling at the moment.

Common phrases they use are things like:

“90% of the products out there are crap”

Have they bought 90% of the products out there? Probably not, if they did the problem isn’t the marketplace but their inability to take action.

“Do these two steps and you can make money online is a scam”

Is it? Again if someone fails to take action online, then how on Earth would they know if by taking 2 steps they can’t make money online?

Want to know the three steps I personally use to make money online?

Here they are:

1) Build a list
2) Mail it daily

Thats it.

As you can see not that hard to do, assuming you know what you are doing.

Speaking of… I’ll show you how I build my list and even walk you through how I am able to mail it daily over here:

Isaiah Jackson

Multi Level Monkeys

It seems like no matter where I go, I always run into them.

You know the ones.. the people who don’t know a thing about you but already want to get you to join their teams.

True story.

I went to a barbershop to visit my ex-partner in crime to you know surprise her for a bit. I walked straight to her while her back was turned put my hand right on her shoulder (she didn’t even know it was me) and said hey.

So I sit down in the shop and I start talking to her then this guy yells from the across the room and asks me if I know anything about Jerbel Lies (not the name of the product but you know what I mean) and tells me to try their stuff.

Mind you I’m in much better shape than anyone in this shop, and yet here he is getting ready to pitch me on taking this crap without knowing anything about me.

And you know something, the same damn thing is happening online with your competiton.

Most of these monkeys don’t care about knowing what their audience wants which can make them short term money, but they lose the war.

However if you can do the exact opposite, you will not only win the battle but you will also win the war on making money online.

For the how-to of how to win the war on making money online, grab your weapon of choice and head on over to the link below to discover how:

To victory,

Isaiah Jackson

How To NOT Make Money Online With Free Services

I was teaching a webinar last night and one of my students asked:

“Isaiah, what are some free link trackers that I could use”

Well you freebie seeker allow me to answer this question by telling you exactly why you will NOT make any money online using free services.

1) Free sites are free for a reason.

They come with limited functionality and are pretty damn impossible to work with.

2) In the case of link trackers, you want to know which traffic source is working for you.

Meaning that if you find that a certain traffic source is working extremely well for you then it only make sense to invest your time and money into that one traffic source.

3) Free isn’t really free anymore.

By that I mean most sites will allow you to use their service for free, but they will place things like banner ads on your stuff so that they can make money.

Which in turn takes money that you, yourself could have been making.

So in other words stop looking for some free service but actually start treating your business like a business by investing in it.

Anyways, I highly suggest that you start investing in your online business and stop chasing the next free object syndrome… you’ll make more money doing so.

Speaking of making more money, here’s some free training on how to do just that…

See you inside,

Isaiah Jacksons

Is Making Money Online Legal?

Got a silly question from subscriber Pam who asks:

“I want to no if all this internet surfing is legal? I want to no who writes the checks?”

I’m assuming she is really asking if making money online is legal since she ends it off with who writes the checks.

Yes, making money online is 100% legal (just don’t forget to pay taxes).

Now as far as who writes the checks it depends…

You see money can only be made when something is sold whether that be a service, a software or an information offer.

If you create your own products then the person writing the checks are your customers because they are buying the products from you…which means you get paid, same with selling a service.

If you are promoting someone else’s product for a commission then the person writing the checks is the person you are promoting since the amount they pay you will come directly from the sale of the product.

Meaning on a 70% commission if a product is sold for $10 you will get $7 while the vendor gets only $3 (making more money than the vendor in most cases).

Now the real question is how do you go about making that money?

I tell you if you can follow a few easy steps than you will be well on your way to making some serious cash online.

The steps? You can find them here:

Isaiah Jackson