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NEWBIE: What to do if you are desperate

Best advice anyone can give you so pay attention.

If you are making NO MONEY at all right now, I’m talking no income whatsoever the best thing for you to do is to get a part time job somewhere.

Doesn’t matter where just get the damn job, so you can support yourself and your online business.

Here’s an outline:

Get a part-time job that pays say $10 an hour working 20 hours a week.

Thats about $200/week which comes out to $800 a month before taxes.

Take 30% of your income and invest in your online business (that’s $240 for anyone keeping track)

Here’s what you should do with that $240.

1) Join my VIP Club for $1 for 14 days then only $29/mo after (price will be increasing)

2) Take action on some of the training I have in there (most of what I teach is free to get started)

3) By the end of the 14 days you’ll be billed $29 but you would have made your money back and more if you took action on the training

4) The next month take your new profits and put it into the new Solo Ads Mastery course I created (hell even do it within the first 14 days) so you’ll build your email list.

5) Take Daily Email Inception and start making about $500/mo with it (true story, when I first start using what I shared in there I made $500 my first month)

6) Go back to Solo Ads Mastery and take your new found profits from the previous month plus your $240 and continue to build your business.

7) Rinse and repeat steps 5 and 6 until your making more than $800 a month (this is easy to do within 30-45 days… I made $1,500 within 30 days of doing exactly what I am telling you)

8) Quit your job and continue moving forward with what I teach inside the VIP Club (hell if you do extremely well, you can become an affiliate for auto-pilot income)

But it all starts with becoming a member of my VIP Club.

Everything I told you was all I did to build my online business to where its at today.

Become a member of my VIP Club here and we’ll hop on the phone to discuss the plan I just gave you (no extra cost to you at all)

Isaiah Jackson

Struggling Newbie: Read This

Outside of focus there is another reason why most newbies are struggling to make any money online.

They complicate things.

I guess they find it hard to believe that simple just works because its… well you know, simple.

Want to make money online?

Make it extremely simple to do so.


Here’s what I do.

I build my list and I mail it daily.


Nothing extra.

No complicated sales funnels.

If you can do those two things, you’ll see success online.

And for the how-to of how I do the above well its all covered inside of my VIP Club which you are invited to join here:

Isaiah Jackson

The quickest way to gain premium free traffic?

Got a question from reader Angelo who asks:

“Whats the best way to gain some good traffic for free and when , I mean good . Am talking about converting traffic eg: for every 1000 click you receive 10-15 optins”

Lets address his idea of converting traffic.

1,000 clicks
15 email subscribers

That comes out to be 1.5% opt-in rate.

I don’t know how thats converting but whatever.

Now onto the other topic.

I can’t think of one source of traffic that you can get for “free” that will get you 1,000 clicks.

I find it really interesting that these lazy newbies want free traffic because they don’t want to pay money for it… but don’t do the work to get that free traffic.

Free traffic = time spent getting that traffic

Paid traffic = no time spent just a few dollars

It makes more sense for the newbie to use Paid traffic because most are too lazy to do anything else.

But that doesn’t mean paid traffic ends up being a loss to you.

You can take paid traffic and make a profit on it… which of course makes it free.

You just got to know what you are doing… or someone to show you how.

And it just so happens that I filmed last night on how I take paid traffic and turn it into profit traffic easily.

Imagine spending $1 and getting $5 back.

It works.

You can get your hands on it here:

Isaiah Jackson

Newbie looking to start making money online

Good morning!

I think I don’t say that enough.

Probably because the people I would say good morning too are still sleep (ahem my girlfriend)


Newbie looking to start making money online.

There is one thing that I can guarantee your success with and thats focus.

It baffles my mind to hear about people who have been at this whole make money using the internet thing for 5-10 years and never make a dime.

Then diving into why that is, its because they bought product after product promising them that they will make moolah.

So I’ve dedicated myself to putting a stop to that.

Because honestly I was apart of the problem… by promoting a new and different product every single week for an affiliate commission.

Doesn’t help anyone but my bank account honestly… but I’m so strict on what I promote that most of the products I promoted actually helped people.

Anyways going off on a tangent lets get back to it.

The solution to the struggling newbie who doesn’t make money online is focus.








And since I know you are truly serious about making money online… and now that you know the one true secret you can’t fail with this… so jump inside, stay focused and most of all make some money:

Isaiah Jackson

Time to get serious?

So I was inside this popular marketing forum where a guy is stating that now is the time for him to get serious.

He’s been a member of the forum for 10 years and haven’t seen any real success at all due to “other commitments”

Sure thats what they all say.

Lets just get to the root of the problem.

The only reason someone wouldn’t see any real results in over 5 -10 years is because they didn’t take consistent action daily.

And by the way buying the latest and greatest product since sliced bread is not taking action thats just buying a damn product.

If you do nothing with it, you are the average customer.

However if you do something with the product, like what it shows you how to do. You didn’t buy the product… you invested in the product.

Which makes you the above average customer.

Which means you’ll get above average results.

So anyways…

Its your time to get serious.

Its your time to finish off the year strong.

Its your time to bank commissions now (great time by the way) so you can the kiddos whatever they want for the upcoming holidays.

And I show you exactly how to do that plus more here:

Isaiah Jackson

Too many wanna-be marketers not enough real ones

This email really has no point to it at all but I just needed to share my thoughts on what I’ve been seeing and dealing with for the last couple of days.

A bunch of wanna-be marketers who want to make money online using nothing but free resources.

Asking things like:

“Isaiah, where can I find a free auto-responder to use”


“Isaiah, how can I build my website for free”


“Isaiah, can you show me how to make money for free without a website or email list”

What is this?

Are you in business or not?

I can’t recall any business being successful for the long term without having to spend some kind of money to keep it going.

If you are looking for a hobby, this ain’t it.

However if you are looking to build a profitable online business than this is how you build one.

Put some skin in the game.

Get results.

That’s it.

To put another way.

Build your list.

Mail it daily with an offer.

Make sense?

So I guess I lied this email does have a point to it.

Put some skin in your own online game, and you’ll come out on top.

I even show you how to do all of it here:

Isaiah Jackson

With yo broke a$$

Got an email from a broke a$$ subscriber last night that says:

“if you want that i started creating an income online,lend me 500$ and i give you back 1000$ when we get income.”


How about you man the hell up and put some skin in your own online business.

If you are that strapped for cash you have two options:

1) Go get a part time job.

Put some money in your pocket so you can put food on your dinner table for your kids and use whatever you have left to invest in your online business.

That is what I did, got a part time job a few years back… and managed to leave that part time job just a few short months later because of what I just told you.

2) Become a member of the VIP Club.

It costs $1 for 14 days than only $29/mo after that.

I can tell you in my first 14 days online when I had that part time job I made over $330 in the first week.


By doing exactly what I preach about inside of the VIP Club.

Stop asking for money and go make that $$$$.

To discover how I make my money every single day and month… then head over here:

Isaiah Jackson

Don’t go outside – stay inside (and make money)

Back when I use to work the just over broke I was tasked every morning with walking to work.

Granted I only lived about 4 minutes (in a car) away from the place so the walk was about 30 minutes.

Expect when it was below 0.

So imagine waking up at 6 in the morning, bundling up, and walk to work when the weather was -11 degrees.

Those walks took me 45 minutes plus.

Freezing my a$$ off.

But it was worth it.

Those walks fueled my desire to make money online.

Fueled me to keep going.

Taught me lessons that you can only learn walking in that kind of weather.

Take one step forward, felt like two steps back.

Regardless, I made it to my destination every single time.

The same can be said about making money online.

Yeah, you’ll take one step forward and feel like you took two steps back but if you keep moving forward you’ll reach your destination.

Fast forward today, I now make more money online than I ever have at some just over broke and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for it.

So here is what I want you to do this Winter.

Stay your a$$ inside and start creating an income online.

For the how-to on how to do just that I have some newbie friendly training inside of my VIP Club that you can get your hands on right now:

See you inside,

Isaiah Jackson

Fast newbie traffic plan

One of the things that I always struggled with when I was first getting started online was getting traffic to my squeeze pages.

It was a pain in the a$$ figuring out what works and what doesn’t work.

And let me tell you, there are a lot of things out there today that just don’t work but there are a small handful that have worked for me extremely well.

So this month I am going to be releasing a new training on one of my favorite traffic sources that works extremely fast and is extremely easy to get started with using.

The traffic source?

Solo ads.

Before you cry to your mom, let me tell you that although in order for them to work you have to pay some money upfront… you can still end up making the traffic you get from solo ads 100% free.

I’ll explain how you would do this inside of the new training that I’ll be releasing soon.

So in all you are going to get your hands on:

  • Solo Ad Quick Start Guide – Your A-Z guide on how to get started with solo ads
  • Solo Ads Buyers Insurance Plan – The easiest way to protect yourself from being cheated when you start investing in solo ad traffic.
  • My Personal Rolodex – My highest converting solo ad providers (people who have delivered great opt-in rates and sales)
  • Scale For Profit$ – The only way I suggest that you scale your solo ad campaigns (comes with the newbie guide and advanced guide)

You can get your hands on this training when it becomes available here:

Isaiah Jackson

Want me to send you $100?

So in the month of December I am going to be doing something I thought I would never do.

Give some money away to my lovely subscribers.

Well not really.

By that I mean I am going to giving $100 to the person who gets the best results in the month of December.

Think of it as a Xmas gift.

But this isn’t for everyone.

In order to win $100 here’s what you must do.

1) Be an active member inside of my VIP Club

You can become a member here:

2) Ask questions, post your results, and have fun inside my mastermind group.

Which of course you only can get inside as a member of the VIP Club.

And thats all you have to do.

So this is going to be fun and going to be interesting, to see the kind of results you will be getting.

Become a VIP club member and win $100 here:

See you inside,

Isaiah Jackson