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Solo Ads Training

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

In this video you are going to get solo ads training.

I share with you how I buy solo ads and where to find them.

But most importantly I will share with you what to do once you find a winner.


Isaiah Jackson

Start Doing THIS Everyday

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

If you found my last video offensive.. man up and take control of your damn life.

8 minute fake ass hack is all it took to get to you?

Come on now.

Anyways here’s another video illustrating a very important point that you MUST take in your online business in order to see the success you want.


Isaiah Jackson


This new video will show you how to make a million bucks a minute.



Isaiah Jackson

P.S. This is a joke!

How To Make Money Online FAST

In todays blog post… I will be sharing with you how to make money online fast.

But first…

Inside the video I share with you the barrage of bull$hit that you will most likely come across when browsing the Internet on how to make money online.

Most of what I saw in the video were sales videos (take it as a warning)


Enjoy the video,

Isaiah Jackson
Inspirational Marketer

How To Get FREE Traffic From Facebook

In this video I will be sharing with you how to get traffic from Facebook.

This is something that I did while promoting a product as an affiliate and it ended up landing me on the leaderboard for that product.. while beating out some super affiliates in the process.

Best part?

It was done for 100% free and not only made me money but also built me an email list.

Discover how you can do the same in the video above.


Isaiah Jackson

Poor Acceptance

So for the past two days I’ve been watching these YouTube videos on “Fat Acceptance” I’m telling you this so that you know where this email is going to be coming from.


Poor Acceptance.

The belief that some people would have to make others accept the fact that they are “poor”

Tell me… would you be okay with being poor?

Just like with this F.A. bullshit… the folks who truly belief that it is okay to be obese… would you be okay with being poor?

I know for damn fact that I wouldn’t.

Being “poor” has its benefits though…

Like lighting a fire under your ass to get up and go make something of yourself

But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Thats like these welfare junkies who take advantage of ‘The System’ so they don’t have to work like ever.

Fuck outta here…

And excuse the language but as you can tell this gets me fired up… its pathetic.

Pathetic to know that there are people out there who realize the crappy shituation they are stuck in and won’t do anything about it.

Not can’t but WON’T.

Look you are getting this email because you are sick and tired of the crap you have to put up with.

Know there is a better way.

Know that you want to do something about it.

And since this email went out to my ENTIRE list (I know most of them are on the right track)

So now the question is…

What’s stopping you from doing what you know needs to be done?

How long with you wait?

Like some of the F.A. losers waiting too long can end up with them being buried early (due to health complications that they will most likely face)

But for you waiting too long can result in your living your life in this “what-if”

What if you took action?

What if I just decided to do it?

What if I stopped making excuses?

What if I just took control?

Stop saying what if…

Stop waiting…

Take action.

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. Since I didn’t have anything to sell in this email I have to have a link to something.

Take action today by becoming a member of my Profit Mastery Club:

P.P.S. And for my current PMC members I hoped this lit a fire under your a$$ now its to go make some of the green stuff… mooolah

February Income Report ($112.66 per day)

Got a question from a Profit Mastery Club member a few days ago asking me to breakdown my own personal income


I have no idea but I don’t mind it at all.

By the way… I can tell you right now that what I’m going to share will NOT help you in any way shape or form.

Anyways here’s a simple breakdown of just last month:

1) $1,017 in one time payments
2) $813 in recurring payments
3) $560 in service rendered
4) $92.40 in service affiliate sales
5) $72.34 in affiliate sales

So thats about $2,474.74 in total online sales. ONLINE sales.

Add in the $599.92 earned from Personal Training and that brings my total income to about:


Divide that by the 28 days we had last month and that puts me at $112.66 per day

Easy money.

So there you have it my personal income breakdown report.

To discover how I’m able to make money online…

Click Here To Discover How I Make Money Using The Internet

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. I will not make it a habit of posting this every single month. Its not what I do and personally there is no value to be had from it… meaning seeing my numbers won’t help you at all. It may motivate you but thats all it will do.

Anyways, click here to discover how I make money using the Internet

How To Build An Email List That Buys From You

Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

And in this short video I will be sharing with you.. how to build a list that buys from you. You see when it comes to email marketing it is important for you to follow the steps that I will be sharing with you because if not, building your list can end up costing you money instead of making you money.

The steps are:

Step 1: You MUST have a high converting squeeze page in place to get subscribers

Step 2: You also MUST have a profitable offer to show those subscribers

Step 3: Once you have those in place you can start driving traffic to your squeeze page using the methods I shared with you in this video

You can get an idea as to what this all looks like by watching the video or checking it out yourself here.


Isaiah Jackson

How To Build A Profitable Online Business For Less Than $200

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Yo, it's Isaiah Jackson -

Back with another free training video... this time its a little bit of a challenge for you.

The challenge?

To build a profitable online business for less than $200... yep 200 buckeroos.

Should be challenging right?

Well in the video I show you exactly how to do that and still have some money left over :-)

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. Here is a link to all the resources I suggested in the video:


The reason I suggest you use BlueHost is because I personally use them myself and haven’t had any problems with there hosting also you get a free domain name with your hosting account. Meaning the only time you would have to pay for a domain is when you have to renew it at the end of the year.


The reason I suggest you use Aweber is because for the past few years they have been what I used to managed my own email lists. Very newbie friendly and the deliverability of their platform is just amazing.


The reason I suggest you use OptimizePress well its all I’ve ever used. Its a one-time payment (so no monthly payments yaaaaay) plus it just flat out works. They are always updating their stuff as well (hint: they got something new coming soon)

Challenge: How to build a profitable online business for less than $200
Our grand total: $181.40

Looks like you win.

Now go out there and start building a profitable online business.

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website (My Top Three Methods)

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Today on the blog I will be breaking down my top three "free" traffic methods.

If you just put one of these methods in place it truly will be all you need to continue to grow your business, even if you stop driving paid traffic to your squeeze pages to build your list.

You see when it comes to doing business online, the most dangerous number is 1.

1 traffic source

1 income stream

1 product

So to fix that you create multiple traffic sources.

Multiple streams of income

And more products to sell to your subscribers and customers.

The video below dives into sources of traffic, apply one of them and if you have any questions just ask them in the comments box below.


Isaiah Jackson

P.S. Leave a comment on this video it'll get you some free traffic ;-)