The biggest load of crap I’ve seen today (PART II)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of telling you about the biggest load of crap I’ve seen which involved someone lying about how many coaching slots were available (you can tell it wasn’t true because ads were running about it) Today, the biggest load of crap I’ve seen is much worse. Its dealing with entitlement. I…

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This biggest load of crap I’ve seen today (PART I)

So I was browsing the good ol’ FakeBook today. And I saw an ad in my sidebar (hint: keep your ads on, might learn something or do what I do) anyways back to the ad. There is a guy who is offering 1 on 1 coaching and when you click on the ad you will…

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What to do after you make your first sale

So you’ve finally made your first ever affiliate commissions online. Great job. Now what do you do? Here is a short list of things you should do:- 1 – Find out where the sale came from. The only way to do that is to track your links, and there are way too many to use…

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I Do This For People Like Her

Before you continue reading this email I want to make a few things clear. 1 – I don’t have this person’s permission to use this entire message they sent me 2 – Because I don’t I’ll have to paraphrase it Moving on I got this email from email subscriber Cheryl who says: “Dear Isaiah! It…

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Caught Red Handed By The Internet Cop

I’ve been found out. After sending the email about my encounter with the kid yesterday while at the gym. Internet cop Jeff says: “I think you are a crook but the part about stealing your script takes the cake. Must be working though. Keep ripping people off and giving them false hope.” Let me share…

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The 4 letter word that is destroying your chance of making money online

Its not just destroying your chance of making plenty of the green stuff. But its also destroying your chance of being successful with anything you hope to accomplish in life. The 4 letter word is “can’t” Every single day I will hear someone talk about how they “can’t” do something. Things like… I “can’t” make…

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Its your body, you tell it what to do

So while I was at the gym earlier I had the pleasure of dealing with someone who has had some crazy life experiences. Stroke Seizure New heart New Lung The kid barely has complete control of the left side of his body, so I was bit shocked when his grandfather asked me to help him…

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Commission knights in bright shining armor

Are not here to come save you. In fact.. They are only here to prove to those who want to make moolah online that its possible. But like I mentioned a few days ago that it takes the right kind of mindset for it all to work. Anyways, I wear the armor of the commission…

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Stop talking about the future and start working towards the future

Here’s what I mean by that.

It seems that a lot of folks my age talk about wanting to build a bidniz or these huge goals…

But they don’t do a damn thing.

All they do is talk.

Last I checked talking got nothing done.

So if you are a talker… regardless of your age.

Replace talk with work.

Stop talking about the future and start working towards the future you want to create.

Fastest way to do that is to get some moolah in your pockets.

For the how-to on how I do just that, click that link below:-

Isaiah Jackson

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Watch Issued: Drowning Newbies In The Sea of Empty Bank Accounts

So if you spot one, you got two options.

Throw them a life line and lend them a hand.


You keep to yourself and make room for those
who you want to look after.

Look, there are two types of people in this world.

Those with an investor mindset and those with
a buyers mindset.

The investor – looks at the things he purchases
for his business and uses it to grow.

The loser (buyer) – looks at the things he buys
doesn’t use it, immediately requests a refund
for said thing.

Which one are you?

I can tell you right now that if you think only
like a buyer… you would be better off with a

However, if you have that investor mentality
then this is something that will work for

Isaiah Jackson

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