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Why You Need A Combative Attitude To Make Money Online

Got an email from a subscriber Eugene he says:

“Come on chill with the attitude Man ,it may turn some people away, like Me .What you say otherwise is quite interesting and I want to here more.”

First of all, thanks Eugene for replying to that email, should have included your website as well I would have mentioned it in this email (thats a hint that if you reply with something valuable and link to your squeeze page it could mean free traffic for your business)

Anyways to address the statement about turning people away.

It honestly wouldn’t be the first time.

I don’t know how long you have been on my list without checking inside of Aweber (another hint, always type your emails in either Evernote or Google Docs)

But the reason you SHOULD have a combative attitude is do exactly what you said… to push people away.

In your business you only want to work with those who want to work with you, so if someone gets offended by an email I send, that lets me know that I don’t want them as a customer or subscriber.


Because it shows me that the individual will end up being what I call an Energy Vampire, sucking up all my energy when that energy could be best used to serve those I actually want in my business.

Its allows you to truly experience freedom not only in your business but your life as well.

Meaning if someone gets offended by anything I post online or say in person, I cut them away.. I don’t want to deal with people who are easily butt hurt and neither should you.

Its called taking control of your life on every single level.

Speaking of taking control of your life, the easiest way to take control of your life right now would be to replace your jobs income… and I have revealed an extremely easy way to do just that, just click the link below to discover how:

Isaiah Jackson

Why following your favorite guru is keeping you broke

And thats not all.

Doing what your favorite guru does will also keep you broke.

Here’s why..

Unlike with real life events like driving a car, watching someone play a sport, hell even skateboarding, these are physical things that you can quickly pick up on.

Like take skateboarding for example, back when I was an evil little villain I would play these Tony Hawk games a lot and over time I decided to get a skateboard.

Without having even stepped foot on one, my body physically knew what it had to do to not fall of the board because I had seen what to do playing the games.

That won’t work online.

Its not enough to just copy what someone is doing and expect to get the same results they are getting.

You can try.

But it won’t work.

There are too many pieces to their puzzle that will take you quite a while to figure out.

So what do you do?

You get yourself a coach, someone who will cut your learning curve not only in half but will eliminate it so that you get straight to the results you are looking for.

You can normally get coaching for the upper five figures and even six figure ranges but that doesn’t help the newbie just getting started.

So I’m willing to help 4 lucky people for only $3.23 a day to put you on the fast track to your online business success.

Take advantage of the opportunity now:

Isaiah Jackson

I find your abundance of neediness disturbing


I was on FakeBook again today and saw this cartoon image that had a guy and a girl in it.

The girl was talking about what she does and doesn’t do then it ended with the guy hugging her saying something like “but I like you anyways”

Then I started to read the comments from these “nice guys” who all had the same thing to say.

“Yeah, she put me in the friend zone”

or something like

“You can find him in the friend zone”

Seriously guys you have got to be kidding me.

Its that same mentality that has the nice guys losing.

The solution?

Kick that lovely female off the pedestal you put her on and put your mission on it instead.

But lets say you are in a relationship so you feel as if your significant other is your mission.

Here’s a better idea. Make improving your relationship with her your mission…you see the difference?

Of course realizing that nothing takes the place of your mission, it will be the thing you stay committed too until you accomplish the mission.

Then its on to the next mission.

Just like with making money online, it needs to be your mission and like with any mission you will get a briefing on how to do it and I’ll be the one to give it to you but only if you start taking action today:

Get your briefing today,

Isaiah Jackson

Is Email Marketing Still Effective

Is a question that gets passed around a lot because there are a lot of so called “social media experts” that claim email is dead. Before I address that statement allow me to address the wanna be social media experts…

If you have to say it, you ain’t it.

If you have to call yourself an expert in anything you ain’t it.

Other people should be doing that for you.

Anyways, back to email marketing not being effective… well if you ask me its still alive and well.

In fact it produces over $40 in revenue for every $1 spent on ads in a lot of business, so compared to social media it doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to information marketing and affiliate marketing.

I mean have you ever heard an “guru” in their niche say “I’m going to delete my entire email list and move my whole business over to FakeBook”

Neither have I.

Moral of this story is to start building your email list, and begin making some serious profits online. Here’s how:

Isaiah Jackson

The light at the end of the tunnel

Isn’t always bright.

Here’s what I mean:

Some marketers make it out of the daily 9 to 5 grind and come out completely different people, willing to do anything to help their fellow man.

While others come out and end up going broke for how they treat their fellow man, trying to make the person next to you feel below you and belittle them over something petty.

Tell me, who would you want to spend your time with?

If I were you I’d stay far away from Person B, because although they may seem to have good intentions what lies within them is a snake who will do nothing but preach about how you are doing things wrong, meanwhile you are banking a ton of money online.

I guess Person B is just jealous of your success.

Hey, maybe you can teach them a thing or two.

But not for free, charge them an arm and a leg for trying to get under your skin.

That’ll show them haha.

Anyways, I won’t be charging you an arm and a leg.

In fact you can get one on one coaching with me as a part of my VIP Club for as much as $3.23 a day, which means you’ll have to give up those Starbucks coffees but the pay off is the you will have a profitable online business, which you can buy Starbucks with if you wanted too.

Only 4 spots left so I highly suggest you grab your spot now before it gets taken:

Talk to you later,

Isaiah Jackson

If you can’t handle the attention go hide in your cave

I don’t know if it’s something in the water or what.

But for some awkward reason, these chicks now a days hate when guys screenshot their pics.

Case in point.

I was on WackChat last night and watched this chicks story where she just ranted about guys taking a screenshot of her

She then proceeded to send every guy who did that a message.

She said something like don’t screenshot me unless you want to get deleted or something like that I don’t know.

If you can’t handle the attention then go hide in your cave where you belong.

You are completely aware that what you post online could get a lot of attention and fast if you aren’t ready for it or don’t want it, stay in your cave and away from the Internet.

People like myself and other online marketers will take that attention and create profits from it.

So anyway, I’m offering 4 more people into my VIP Club, where you have the chance to work with me one on one…it expires in 4 days so if you want your spot hop inside and claim it today:

Talk soon,
Isaiah Jackson

RE: About that millionaire…

Earlier today I told you a true and very real story about this hidden trait this online millionaire was using but wasn’t sharing with anyone.

Probably not even his closest friends.

The trait being consistency.

I call it being relentlessly consistent.

If all else fails, just increase your consistency.

So for example:

If uploading one video a week on YouTube is not working for you, upload three a week and see what happens. If nothing is happening, start uploading one a day.

I do the same with my online marketing, to the point where I was uploading a video a day, creating a new blog post a day, an article a day, and sending an email every single day.

If at any point those stopped working, I started to increase my consistency and do more. To the tune of 5-6 of everything I just listed every single day… (thinking about going back to that actually, it was fun)

Why am I telling you this?

I invite you to become relentless consistent with your online business.

Once you do I can almost guarantee things will start to happen for you.

Get started by clicking the link below:

Talk soon,
Isaiah Jackson

The hidden trait this millionaire never told you about


Because its something that they do so naturally that they never thought it was worth sharing.

No worries, I got your back.

True story.

I was working one-on-one with this online millionaire and we decided to give his customers a call, to sell them on other services we offered.

What happened in the next 5 minutes so damn shocking that it made me understand exactly how and why he got to where he is today.

The man picked up the phone and dialed the first number…

Straight to voicemail, he left them a message.

Called the next number, again voicemail, he left a message.

He continued to do this for about 30 customers with no rest or break in between.

All this happened in about 5 minutes.

I learned so much from him in those 5 minutes than I learned from most people in 10 times the amount of time.

The man was relentless and ruthless.

Talk about consistency the man is the definition of it.

And I have since took the same approach and applied it to pretty much everything in my day to day life.

It was that consistency that allowed me to go out and do things like this…

Get your hands on it today.

Talk soon,
Isaiah Jackson


Back when I was a mean ol’ munchkin I use to always play Mortal Kombat.

I’m talking like I would come home from school, load up the Super Nintendo, blow hot air into the cartridge, slam Mortal Kombat into the SN and choose my favorite character Scorpion.

I pretty much beat everyone with the guy, because I had this sick combo that will take out the enemy.

The strange thing about the combo?

It was extremely easy to pull off with him.

Next thing you know the narrator is yelling “FINISH HIM”

And with that you had some options:


Regardless of what you picked, you won the match.

You can do the same with your online business.

Eliminate whats holding you back and put plenty of moolah into your pockets.

Choose me as your character and allow me to help you eliminate what’s holding you back from making some serious money online.

Head on over here now:

Isaiah Jackson

your draining my DAMN battery!!!!!

Is what another angry subscriber yelled.

Here’s the exact message:

Can you please stop sending me your e-mails!!!!! I’m not interested in them, plus your draining my DAMN battery!!!!! STOP SENDING ME THID STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my problem when I get these type of emails from ex email subscribers.


You see I can easily login to my Aweber account pull up her email and tell you the exact date, time, location she had subscribed to my email list to learn how to make her first $1,000 online.

If she wasn’t interested in learning how to do that, then she wouldn’t have subscribed in the first place see.

But what is even more interesting is that I am the one draining the battery, for a device that I don’t even own.

Talk about not being able to take responsibility for your own actions, I’m grateful to have those kind of people off my email list and far away from my online business. Because all they would do is continue to blame others for their lack of results in any endeavor in life.

Trust me when I tell you, when you start taking responsibility for where you currently are in life, and take action to make things change, your life as a whole will change.

And guess what? That same mentality can help you create easy $100+ paydays like clockwork. For the how-to’s simply head over here and get started:

Isaiah Jackson